Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Roosevelt Island Youth Program Soccer League Recap After Week 6 - Minors Learning Their Formations, Juniors Playing Heroic Defense and Seniors A Marvel To Watch

Roosevelt Island Youth Program (RIYP) Soccer Director Adib Mansour updates us on the 2013 RIYP Soccer Season.

According to Mr. Mansour:
Yet another series of fantastic games this last Saturday (Oct. 19) ! Congratulations to all players and their coaches of the Roosevelt Island Youth Program Soccer. The games were thrilling to watch, and the scores were close!!

Very impressive, and without your work with your coaches this would not be possible. Please take a moment to thak your coaches and assistant coaches for their dedication and support! JOB WELL DONE!!

In the Minors division, the teams are starting to show a coherent approach to the games. The players are becoming aware of their formations on the field. Passes are frequent and the goal kicks abundant. Noteworthy in the defense are Emily Highsmith (in James Highsmith's Blue team) as well as Emilia Brown (on James Brown's Red team) who pursued the "attacking ball" and placed it out of danger on many occasions. Another noteworthy player is Heaven Leon (from Tony Leon's Orange team) who wore numerous hats during the game, between guarding the notoriously clever player Sebastian Navarro (from John Evan's Bordeaux team) to dribbling through the solid defense of the Orange team. It was also beautiful to watch Darnell Wilkins-Payne play marvelously as a goalie in the first half to center offense in the second; as well as Isiah Sadlier solid defense (both on Dan Sadlier's Black team). Mark Block's Yellow team had a great win with the help of Miguel Conciello and Jake Lee.

Defense on all four Junior teams did a heroic job in protecting their goal keepers who, in turn, were amazing at not allowing the ball to cross the goal line! It was spine-tingling to watch the offense players with the crucial support of the midfield players to coordinate the attacks! Zara Haider and Madison Luna (on Jesse Krieg's Orange team) were relentless in their defense as well as the trio of Muad Kurer, Galen Bennie, and Antun Madela Obou in their accurate passes and powerful kicks on the same team. Noteworthy on Johan Marfey's Blue team is Kristen Leopold who scored 10 goals so far this season, as well as Nisany McDonald and Majd Matug who stepped up their efforts to bring the team to a third win in a row. Nickolas Drougos on Patrick Reidy's Yellow team made several crucial saves as a goalie, and Tia Young along with Markeysha Sadlier did a heroic job in defending the goal. Noteworthy on Jack McManus' Red team are Kaia Keaton who was unrelenting in acquiring the ball away from the attacking team in her mid-field position; Kristophina did an imposing triumph as a defensive player on the same team.

Both Seniors games were a marvel to watch. Daniel Folla's Purple team pulled together as one unit with precise passes, both short and long distance, vs. Boris Lissassi's Yellow team who's offense players were skilled and masterful in dribbling. Noteworth players on the Purple team where Ariel Navarro who put 110% effort in energy, tactics, and prowess. Also on the Purple team Christopher Ewing, the new comer, energized the team with his omnipresence from midfield to offensive positions.Tatiana Dickens' powerful kicks stopped every attempt of attack on her side of defense. Newsworthy on the Yellow team were the trio of Ian Chapman, Namkhye Tobgyel and Aron Pazmino a powerful offensive trio. Sunshine Martin and Kiran Narine were marvelous at defense.

The second game between Cesar Rodriguez' Blue vs. Frantz Enama's Orange team kept the spectators at the edge of their seats. Blaise Enama on the Orange team scored his 10th goal and showcased his brilliant skills on the field. Noah Palm was teary eyed when he scored a sensational goal. Finally Francine Elisaia was unrivaled in her persuit after the ball with speed and control.

On the Blue team Alessandro Cartegni marvelled as a true Milanese fan with a strong midfield challenges as well as Santiago Felix in his unremitting control of the ball. Jan'niah Payne successfully intercepted numerous attempts from the Orange team to sneak into her Blue team's defensive lines.
Here are some scenes from RIYP Soccer Games at Octagon Field last weekend.

Stop on by Saturday to watch some exciting youth soccer and cheer on are local kids.


Bill Blass said...

Yes its soccer on the island. No more little Johnny mayget a boo boo..this is the sport to be played on the island as it reflects the new type of people moving here. Soccer moms and CEO dads

Bill Blass said...

And pregnant female hipsters soon to be soccer moms

CheshireKitty said...

Did you read the article in the Wire about the influx of the 100K+/yr people onto the island? I get the sense though that they move in, but may just as quickly move out. The City currently has a 1% apartment vacancy rate, driving the sky-high housing prices. Rich newcomers move in to take advantage of the slight price break of living on RI, get their bearings, take a few months to find other places in NYC or elsewhere, and then move out. I don't see the rich staying, as lower and middle-income stay, for years and years. Any thoughts on that Bill?

OldRossie said...

I enjoy so much reading you refer to the "rich" (as if 100k/yr makes a person rich) as if "they" are a plague.

Bill Blass said...

Well i can tell you that in eastwood they move in and move out in less then 13 months but the plan thru out the island is working the way they want it too push the low and middle income people out as you can see it is working the way rioc planed it to work.this is all very upsetting

CheshireKitty said...

I don't blame you for taking that attitude - how else can you justify to yourself the inflated price you are paying for your market-rate place @ MP?

In fact, your rent, and everyone else's rent, is artificially inflated by the r/e cartel/monopoly calling the shots in NYC.

The influx of rich people - many from overseas - many buying luxury units for investment purposes only, is like a plague if it results in artificially driving housing prices higher. If the influx of rich people did not have that result then it would not be like a plague.

If you are happy over paying on rent, then you are entitled to not think of the current influx of rich people as a "the plague". I guess to you forking over an excessive amount of your hard earned cash to the developers is "worth it" if it keeps low to middle-income "trash" out, right?

CheshireKitty said...

Things may change in roughly ten weeks. Even though we are not actually under the Mayor, new policies at City Hall may influence the Governor. If enough of us complain about H-R not building low cost housing open to all at ST, and the Octagon developer not leasing a sufficient percentage of apartments as not only affordable, but low cost, then there may be more of a chance our voices will be heard. Also, the Governor will not want to paint himself into an un-progressive corner if Deblasio - as is highly likely - wins. The NYC metro area contains a huge number of votes. If the Governor is contemplating re-election, he will not want to alienate millions pro-Deblasio constituents, by not responding to the population's anguished call for more low cost housing.

commonsense540 said...

You really need to get a gripe buddy, kids enjoying themselves is not a negative.