Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving From Roosevelt Island - Tradition, Family, Food, Football, Parade And Alice's Restaurant

Happy Thanksgiving Day wishes to everyone out there in Roosevelt Island land and elsewhere. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

In addition to family, great food, the Macy's Parade, Miracle on 34th Street, March of the Wooden Soldiers and football, listening to Arlo Guthrie's rendition of Alice's Restaurant on WNEW-FM was, for me, a wonderful Thanksgiving tradition.

A former station DJ remembers Thanksgiving and Arlo Guthrie this way on the blog All Mixed Up Radio.

Every year a couple of days before Thanksgiving, it starts. It's slow at first, and then turns into a non-stop avalanche of phone calls. And no matter how many times a station runs promo announcements telling people exactly when it will be played, the calls still come.
"What time are you playing 'Alice's Restaurant?'"...
Yes, in the olden days people used to listen to music on the radio. Imagine that!

Here's a snippet of Alice's Restaurant with Arlo Guthrie and Johnny Cash

and the full song with scenes from the movie.

More nostalgia. Take a look at some of these Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Floats from 1927 thru 1968 via Buzzfeed.

 Image of 1927 Felix the Cat Macy's Thanksgiving Float From Buzzfeed
Image of 1935 The Marx Brothers Macy'sThanksgiving Float from Buzzfeed

 Image of 1940 The Tin Man Macy's Thanksgiving Float From Buzzfeed



Bill Blass said...

The jews are smart Christians run around like cazy shopping for Christmas. When Christmas comes the jews go away where there weather is people

CheshireKitty said...

You should retract that statement - it really crosses the line into an unfair characterization of a group. It's like saying all Italians are in the Mafia. That's also an unfair characterization of a group. Your statement and the above statement are prejudice: You are judging a group, and saying myths, false things about groups.

OldRossie said...

Yea. you never do that.

CheshireKitty said...

Discussions about income inequality - if that is what you are referring to - are based on facts: The actual incomes of those in the 1% income bracket. That's not prejudice or a myth - income inequality is a fact, and it's worse now than it's been since the 1920s (i.e. income inequality is now worse than it was during the Great Depression).

Only you would equate discussing income inequality and the 1% with prejudice or repeating false myths. There is no "myth" of the 1% - it's a fact. Thus, it's not prejudice to discuss income inequality, since it actually exists. Various laws regarding executive compensation were put into place since the 70s that led to the glaring inequality of today.

Read the liberal commentators like Friedman and Krugman on these problems - it's both commonplace by now and mainstream to criticize income inequality.

The only folks that hate the discussion are the 1% - yet you have indicated you are not that fabulously wealthy. So why do you refuse to acknowledge that income inequality exists? What do you personally get out of denying that glaring income inequality exists?

OldRossie said...

Actually, I was referring to your comments about Asians and Europeans. But at least I gave you an opportunity to rant about rich people again, right!?!

CheshireKitty said...

So you think Krugman, a Nobel Prize winner in Economics, is paid by the NYT to rant about the rich since a lot of he says is similar to what I say about income inequality and so forth?

The remarks I've made about Asians have been unfailingly positive although many are streaming into NY buying up expensive apartments and so forth. The criticism isn't because they're rich Asians or rich buyers of any other particular ethnic group, the criticism is that their buying these overpriced apartments feeds into gentrification.

Any rich people of whatever group that feed into gentrification then must be questioned - that is, their role in the destruction of neighborhoods must be questioned. Gentrification always pushes out the poor or middle-class (destroys communities) since land is a finite resource.

It's not rich Asians per se that's the "problem" it's all rich people of whatever nationality or ethnic group, and they are a "problem" only to the extent that the poor or middle-class are pushed out of their neighborhoods.

Would anyone care if a rich person bought up 1,000 acres in Wyoming and developed that land into an estate as the rich were once inclined to do? Nobody would care.

It's when the rich push out the poor, when they contribute to the polarization of the City through gentrification, that's when they are viewed as interlopers, that's when they are viewed as not contributing to whatever makes a community a community, especially when they buy an apartment for investment purposes only, as many of them do - that's when their motives are questioned since they seem to be contributing to community destruction, in the name of making money by means of a real estate investment.

Ultimately, the real culprits are the 1% - who are rigging things - creating housing shortages and so forth - to maximize their profits.

In a way, the rich overseas buyers are as much "victims" of the 1% as actual US citizens of whatever socio-economic layer; we are all being taken advantage of by the 1% - the rich overseas apartment buyers are simply getting soaked that much more.

I certainly did have first-hand negative experiences with Europeans immigrants, so my impression that some of them can be pushy and arrogant, stands. But that probably applies to many different groups, and so it's neither here nor there. Even so, the opinion I have isn't prejudice since it's based on first-hand experience. Nevertheless, I would never prejudge anyone -including a European - even with having had first-hand experience of the pushiness and arrogance I saw some of them display.

However, in the end, Europeans too are just another group of people victimized just like the rest of us by the 1%; they eventually blend in to the system, accept the misery, accept getting ripped off by the 1%.

OldRossie said...

I think this is a post about Thanksgiving on RI.

Bill Blass said...

I am fed up with this p.c. b.s I will call a fat person fat not heavily plumb

Bill Blass said...

I watch the jerry Springer show every day whenever there are two white girls from the south fighting over a man its always a black guy. Dont they have enough white guys down south

CheshireKitty said...

Don't look at me: Blass made some uncharitable remarks about Jewish people, I said they were wrong, you then likened the remarks he made about Jewish people to your interpretation of remarks I've made about Asians and Europeans.

The only way this thread relates to Thanksgiving? Like having a Thanksgiving meal, people reading through it are sure to feel drowsy afterwards..