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Friday, November 1, 2013

No Surprise, MTA Says No Manhattan Bound Roosevelt Island F Train This Weekend But Check Out These Train Conductors

Image Of MTA Weekend Work Being Done On Roosevelt Island

According to the MTA:
F Coney Island-bound trains run via the E from Roosevelt Av to 5 Av/53 St

Weekend, 11:15 PM Fri to 5 AM Mon, Nov 1 - 4

Trains resume regular service at 47-50 Sts.

No Coney Island-bound F service at 21 St-Queensbridge, Roosevelt Island, Lexington Av/63 St and 57 St.
Did you ever notice the F Train Conductor pointing at you while waiting on the Roosevelt Island station? Here's why Train Conductors point

and life lessons from a very happy MTA Subway Conductor

Heyward will be missed on the subway.


YetAnotherRIer said...

This is why they point at the sign. All in the name of passenger safety:

rilander said...

I was at the station around noon meeting a friend and I looked at the service signs for Nov 1-4 that were on the wall next to the station attendant's booth. There were no notices about the F train service to or from RI. It only said something about the service in Queens skipping stations around Forest Hills and Jamaica. It also mentioned some stations in Brooklyn. RIOC and MTA must have gone to the same school to learn lousy communication skills!

CheshireKitty said...

I'm surprised the MTA is having the service diversion again this weekend - since it's Marathon Sunday.

Frank Farance said...

YetAnotherRIer, years ago before the signs, they had numbered signs (4-6-8-10) for different length trains. Although the center of the platform is always at the same spot, the train might stop at one end during late night hours because the entrance was only open at one end (a 4-car train at 2AM). Some stops have even tighter requirements (within inches/feet) because (1) visibility is impaired so the conductor must be directly in front of video monitors to view the whole platform, or (2) there are moving platforms that must match the doors.