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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Roosevelt Island Historical Society Kiosk Mascot Geraldine The Squirrel Pleads "Please Do Not Poison My Friends"

Image From Roosevelt Island Historical Society President Judy Berdy

More on Roosevelt Island squirrels being poisoned at previous posts.


CheshireKitty said...

Hear, hear! What a cute li'l fella!

rilander said...

I take issue with this horrendous action by the RIRA common council. Our US congress has many dissenters and they do not get expelled or sanctioned, even when they make statements about their leaders. This "residents association" is an embarrassment and really doesn't represent many of us!

Budulay Leopoldovich said...

another dead squirrel was found on Saturday, Nov 30th.. in Westview back yard

RY management has never replied to my email about rodent control containers installed and just laying around Westview exterior walls. But they were removed... in silence. Building management does not feel obligated to response to tenants. Pretty much all my emails are being unanswered. In person meetings during mold saga in my apartment proved to be pointless. Sheila and Mark prefer or instructed to keep their mouths shoot on any issue.

YetAnotherRIer said...

I guess this needs to be clarified. Mr Field's himself wrote that published statement. Is he now retracting it? Is he saying that he is not the author of that PDF file?