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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Roosevelt Island Polling Locations For Today's NYC Elections - Council Member Jessica Lappin Urges Roosevelt Island And Upper East Side Constituents To Vote For Ben Kallos To Succeed Her

Don't forget today is election day for NYC wide offices - Mayor, Public Advocate, Comptroller and local elections, Borough President and NYC Council, so if you are a registered voter get out and vote.

Roosevelt Island residents who live at:
  • 405, 415, 425 and 455 Main Street vote at Goldwater Hospital (1 Main Street),
  • 465, 475 Main Street, Rivercross, Island House, Westview, Roosevelt Landings/Eastwood and Manhattan Park vote at PS/IS 217 (645 Main Street) and
  • The Octagon at Coler Hospital (900 Main Street)
Current NYC Council Member Jessica Lappin sent out this letter yesterday asking Roosevelt Island and Upper East Side residents to vote for Ben Kallos

 to succeed her in representing our district:
Tomorrow, I’ll be voting for Ben Kallos for City Council. I’d like to tell you why – and ask you to join me.

Ben is the right person for this job. As a member of Community Board 8 and the head of a good government group, Ben has worked hard to make our community better. He has what it takes to be a great City Councilmember.

Ben is the candidate who will keep moving our community forward. We've made a lot of progress in the last eight years, and we need to keep moving ahead. Ben will face down challenges with the courage he's shown his whole career.

• He has smart plans to improve education and create more school seats.
• He supports our seniors in the fight for affordable housing.
• He has great ideas to improve the quality of life along Second Avenue Subway construction.

I’d like to ask you to do two things for me.

First, forward this message to family and friends in the district. Please help us get the word out.

Second, please reach out to Ben’s campaign at 212-960-3440 to volunteer on Election Day.

With your help – and with your vote tomorrow, November 5th – Ben Kallos will keep the East Side and Roosevelt Island moving forward.


Jessica Lappin
The excellent NYC political blog City and State reported yesterday that:
... Another race that has gained a lot of attention of late is that of the 5th Council District on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where Democrat Ben Kallos is taking on Republican David Garland and Micah Kellner on the Working Families Party line. Kellner is the big name in the race, as the Assemblyman representing the neighborhood, and likely would have won the Democratic primary for the seat had a messy sexual harassment scandal not derailed his campaign.

Boosted by The New York Times’ endorsement and defections from Kellner’s camp, Kallos defeated Kellner in the Democratic primary, and has since secured the backing of most of the labor unions and Democratic establishment. However, prior to the allegations against Kellner surfacing, Kellner had received the WFP ballot line. Though the WFP has repudiated Kellner, he has refused to relent the line, and has forged ahead under the party’s banner. In response, the party recently circulated an email urging its members not to vote for Kellner.

Sources following the race say Garland should not be discounted either. A bona fide “Manhattan Republican,” Garland is a pro-choice, pro–marriage equality candidate who worked in the U.S. Department of Commerce under former President George H.W. Bush before moving to the private sector. While it would seem unlikely for a Republican to emerge in what is typically a liberal bastion of the city, Republican political consultant Rob Ryan notes that the area has seen an influx of younger voters from outside the city who tend to be more conservative, and that the race will be decided by voter turnout.

“[Garland] maxed out as far as the [public matching funds] money coming in from the Campaign Finance Board, so he has money to spend, and that’s really the sole area in Manhattan where a Republican would ever have a chance,” Ryan said. “If there’s low turnout because people think the mayor’s race is gonna be a blowout, and low turnout on the Democratic side, and Kellner and Kallos split the pot over there, there’s a chance [Garland] could squeak in if he gets the turnout from the Republicans.”...
Click here for the entire City and State article on today's election.

More information about the candidates available at links below:
Ben Kallos

David Garland

and Micah Kellner

No tweets from Mr. Keller yet.