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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Enjoy The Outdoor Christmas Light Shows From Dyker Heights Brooklyn And The Empire State Building - The Season's Upon Us It's That Time Of Year Sing The Dropkick Murphys

One of the best things about the Christmas season are the brightly colored outdoor lights displays. We have a little bit of outdoor Christmas lights here on Roosevelt Island, but not alot. We could do much better, maybe next year.

One place that does a great job of outdoor Christmas Lights is the Brooklyn neighborhood of Dyker Heights. The Bensonshurst Bean show us how its done.

Are you in the mood for some more Dyker Heights Christmas Lights? The Bensonhurst Bean has it for you.

We do have a great view of the Empire State Building Christmas Light Show from Roosevelt Island. Here's a close up view with music.

As the Dropkick Murphy's sing, The Season's Upon Us, It's That Time Of Year.

Ho, Ho, Ho.


Bill Blass said...

Happy to see to you are using the word Christmas.oh my many people on the island may be offended. Thank for not falling into that p.c. b s.

Bill Blass said...

I dont think next year will have more Christmas lights on the island .maybe less as the p.c crown gets stronger. There are a few businesses on the island with no Christmas decorations at all .all I can say is that the greatest Christmas song of all time was white Christmas.and that song was written by a jew Irving Berlin

Bill Blass said...

Every bank in new York city has a Christmas trees except the bank on this island

Westviewer said...

Maybe they can't afford it, since they seem to have absolutely no business.