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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Roosevelt Island Youth Program 2013 Soccer Championship Games and Final League Standings

Image of RIYP Minors Soccer Players From Adib Mansour

Roosevelt Island Youth Program (RIYP)

Soccer Director Adib Mansour updates us on the 2013 RIYP Soccer Season Championship games and final standings. According to Mr. Mansour

Championship went to James Brown's Team
Second place: John Evans' Team
Image From Adib Mansour

Here are some of the faces and plays from the RIYP Minors finals.

Mr. Mansour adds:

Championship went to: Jessey Krieg's team
Second place: Johan Marfey
Third place: Jack McManus
Fourth place: Patrick Reidy


Championship went to: Frantz Enama's team
Second place: Boris Lissassi
Third place: Cesar & Marianna's team
Fourth place: Daniel Folla's team

Images From Adib Mansour

The finals were fantastic and a joy to watch!!
Here are some of the faces and plays

from the RIYP Juniors and Seniors Championship games.

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