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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Take A Walk Over Roosevelt Island Bridge To Melting Pot Caribbean Restaurant On Vernon Boulevard - We Love Astoria Likes It Very Much

Have you ever tried the Melting Pot Caribbean restaurant on Vernon Boulevard and 36th Avenue just over the Roosevelt Island Bridge?

We Love Astoria did and wrote a very positive review of the restaurant. An excerpt:
Melting Pot Cuisine, the neighborhood’s only source of Jamaican cooking, is perched on the neighborhood’s southwestern corner, abutting the Roosevelt Island Bridge at the intersection of 36th Avenue and Vernon Boulevard. They deliver everywhere in the neighborhood, but it’s worth trekking down there to enjoy a meal in their sunny dining room....
... The curry chicken roti is good bet on a cold day. It’s a huge griddled flatbread, filled with chicken on the bone and hunks of potato stewed in fragrant spiced gravy....

Chicken Roti. Photo credit: Anne Noyes Saini via We Love Astoria
 Click here for the entire review of Melting Pot from We Love Astoria.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.


D. Evans said...

Thanks so much Ike for sharing your narrative - - many of the details of the anti-apartheid movement, your experiences inclusive of having shaken the hand of Mr. Mandela - - a hero beyond doubt. I was reading aloud your writing and suddenly heard a comment from behind as my "Jenn" said "what an eloquent, well-written piece". I agreed wholeheartedly.