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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Freaky Fog Passing Roosevelt Island And Queensboro Bridge Today Touching The East River

Did you see the fog rolling past Roosevelt Island and the Queensboro Bridge today?

The fog was freaky, lurking

 just above and sometimes touching the East River.

Rumit Mehta shares these photos of the fog rolling across Roosevelt Island and the East River today

Images From Rumit Mehta

and so does the Twitterverse.

UPDATE 1/12 - Photographer Olya Turcihin shares these terrific photos

Images From Olya Turcihin

of yesterday's fog.


Donald Pavese said...

Nice pictures

Mickgirl said...

That fog was weird. I live on the North end of the Island & it would blanket the view of the Sculpture Park, then recede. Rinse & Repeat nearly every 30 minutes! It was wild.