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Monday, January 6, 2014

NY Daily News Reports On Roosevelt Islanders Falling And Slipping On Icy Sidewalk At F Train Subway Entrance Following Snowstorm

As previously reported, the Roosevelt Island streets and sidewalks were mostly shoveled and plowed following last week's snowstorm except for the area next to the Rivercross Lawn.

 Image Of Rivercross Lawn Not Shoveled Last Friday Afternoon

Commenting on that post, reader rilander noted today an article in the NY Daily News which shows photos taken by a Reuters photographer of people slipping and falling yesterday on the frozen ice at the Roosevelt Island F Train Subway entrance, another area that was not sufficiently shoveled. According to rilander:
Sure enough, since the sidewalk on the west channel outside the train station was not completely and properly shoveled, it iced over and someone fell:
According to Reuters:
A woman falls while slipping on ice during freezing rain on Roosevelt Island, a borough of Manhattan, in New York January 5, 2014.

A man falls while slipping on ice during freezing rain on Roosevelt Island, a borough of Manhattan in New York January 5, 2014.

Mark Lyon commenting on the photo asks:
That's an excellent photo, but I have to wonder if the cameraman should have warned people about that icy patch.
and a Wall Street Journal editor tweets:
Does anybody know the story behind these photos?


APS said...

The story is simple... the MTA sucks at clearing the snow, this is not isolated to this week, but years of the same thing over and over. It is also VERY slippery in the actual station, where some genius approved using tiles that when wet become a skating rink. Where is the RIOC in policing this... oh yeah, they don't actually live here.

Matthew said...

I'm the man in the foreground of the photo...I noticed, as I was walking towards the F stop, that the sidewalk was slippery and needed to be I got closer to the entrance, I noticed the photographer standing in position. Given the angle that he was shooting from, i assumed he was trying to take photos of people slipping on the ice along the sidewalk, as it was the best position to shoot the longest stretch of sidewalk and not be seen . He made no effort to help or to warn anyone about the sidewalk, and had positioned himself at the corner of the entrance to minimize his presence. I did not hear or see the person who slipped behind me, nor did the photographer move from his spot. He was a man who appeared to be at youngest, in early forties.

YetAnotherRIer said...

What a douchebag of "journalist." Instead of hiding and snapping pictures he could have done something to prevent the falls. Pathetic.

Sarah Nir said...

Hey Matthew, I'd like to ask you about that photo! Can you email me at Sarah. Nir I love RooseveltIslander blog!

NotMyKid said...

I have the story for the woman who fell!

"It was icy. The woman was walking on the icy sidewalk and suddenly fell!".

/the end.

Seriously. The photographer is a doosh for posting up at the location and just WAITING for people to fall.

Scum move.