Monday, January 27, 2014

RIOC President Charlene Indelicato Reports On Roosevelt Island Snowstorms, Cornell NYC Tech Water Main Break, Power Blackout & Phone Line Cut During Her Tenure - But At Least No Locusts She Tells RIOC Board

 Image Of January 20 Cornell NYC Tech Construction Water Main Break

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Charlene Indelicato discussed the recent snowstorm clean up, Cornell NYC Tech water main break and appointment of former NY Empire State Development Corp (ESDC) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Frances Walton as RIOC CFO during the January 23 RIOC Board of Directors meeting.

First, Ms. Indelicato complimented Transportation Manager Cy Opperman and RIOC staff for the good job they did cleaning up Roosevelt Island following last week's snowstorm.

Followed by addressing the water main break at the Cornell NYC construction site.

Ms. Indelicato did not blame Cornell NYC Tech construction for the water main break which was due to undocumented pipes below ground. Ms. Indelicato noted that she met with Cornell NYC Tech about the water main break and reported that Cornell followed the "usual" construction protocols. However, Cornell now understands that "usual" is not satisfactory for construction projects on Roosevelt Island.

Ms. Indelicato added that Cornell will have:
... to go the extra distance. They will use every means possible to make sure when they are doing their boring, which they have to do, and looking for their utilities they will use the most current operational materials they can and equipment ... sonar ... that will supposedly help.

That doesn't mean we will not suffer anything, it just means, hopefully, won't be too often....
Ms. Indelicato's full remarks to the RIOC Board are below.

Well, at least no locusts invading Roosevelt Island

Image From AP Photo/Mori Chen via Examiner