Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Roosevelt Island Cat Missing From Manhattan Park Apartment - If You See Or Find Mewy The Cat, Please Contact Owner Or The Public Safety Department

Received the following request seeking help in finding a lost Roosevelt Island cat:
Mewy (aka Dinah), a four-month old black and white cat, is missing from 20 River Road. She has white whiskers, four white boots, a white chest spot and slightly fuzzy fur, is friendly and answers to her name. Reward offered. Please contact AllegraLevyJazz@gmail.com or Public Safety (212) 832-4545.
The reward is Five Hundred Dollars.

Lost Roosevelt Island cats have been found before. Remember Henry?

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UPDATE 1/22 - Mewy the cat was found this morning scrunched up beside a laundry heating vent on River Road. According to Island Cats:
... It's kind of amazing -- I asked one of her owners how she was and they said very thin and hungry -- I think she has been missing since 1/14 -- but almost immediately back to her affectionate self (as she plopped herself over a heating vent in her apt). They'll take her to the vet tomorrow....