Sunday, January 5, 2014

Roosevelt Island Southtown Korean Pavilion Proposal, Four Freedoms Park Usage, Ferry Service, Air Quality And Cornell Campus Subject Of RIRA Planning Committee Meeting On Monday, January 6 - You're Invited To Learn And Share Information On These Subjects

Are you interested in learning more about the future of  Roosevelt Island development and providing input on important issues involving your community?

If the answer is yes, Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Planning Committee Chair Frank Farance invites you to attend the next RIRA Planning Committee meeting tomorrow evening. According to Mr. Farance:

There will be a RIRA Planning Committee Meeting on Monday, January 6, at 8 PM in the Island House (555 Main) Community Room. Given the length of the agenda, attendees should expect the meeting will last 90 minutes, I will do my best to keep it as short as possible.

The following is the proposed agenda.

1. Opening Remarks

2. Information Sharing On Korean Pavilion

- Note: Personally, I have been asked to provide input to the Korean Association on questions/info about RIOC and their process. I don't feel comfortable having a private meeting because I am also Chair of the RIRA Planning Committee. As I said at the December Common Council meeting: I believe the community needs an open and transparent process towards long-term features of Southpoint Park, and I believe that organizations (such as the Korean Association) need to be treated fairly and consistently with their proposals. By having such an open discussion, I feel that addresses both goals.

3. Development of a RIRA Position On Four Freedoms Park usage policy
- Note 1: We (RIRA Planning Committee) have determined that FFP Conservancy is not a leaseholder on the property, thus RIOC controls its operations. The purpose of developing the RIRA position is (1) to acknowledge that RIOC is in control and it should take charge, (2) to express the desire that RIOC develop a use policy, with input from the community, on the kinds of uses are permitted/prohibited, such as what can/can't be brought into the park (e.g., presently, children are not permitted to juice/milk in the park), and (3) all use/permits be coordinated through RIOC.

- Note 2: We might also develop a position on a proposed ferry stop at FFP. In short, I believe it is the position of Common Council members (someone correct me if I'm wrong) that putting a ferry stop at FFP might deter the Island getting a ferry stop next to the Subway/Pier (which was the most desirable spot, according to a RIOC study).

4. Prepare Request For Long-Term Monitoring of Air Quality by City/etc.
- Note: There are increasing concerns about air quality with the decades long construction of Cornell, and other industrial work around us (e.g., power plant). Rather than a piecemeal approach, we seek a coordinated strategy with appropriate data/analyses sharing such that the air quality on Roosevelt Island can be monitored and, if necessary, appropriate actions can be taken to address short-, medium-, and long-term concerns. In addition, we might find other neighborhoods (Sutton Place, Queens West, LIC/Ravenswood, Astoria, etc.) who might want to partner, collaborate, and/or support our efforts. Such a nested grid (data fusion) approach might help reduce False Negatives (air quality problems that exist, but go undetected) and False Positives (e.g., air quality problems attributed to activity on Roosevelt Island, but are in fact broader problems in our area).

5. Investigate, Analyze, and Make Recommendations on RIOC Seawall work.
- Note: I've heard that RIOC is starting a new project. There have been several seawall projects on Roosevelt Island in the past several decades, we (RIRA) need to provide community input/review on RIOC's proposed work.

6. Recent Cornell Agreement With City
- Note: We need to discuss this, understand it better, and provide analysis and commentary.
See you there.