Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tugboat Pushes Barge Through Icy East River Past Roosevelt Island On A Frigid Friday Afternoon

It was not as cold today as it was yesterday when chunks of ice were seen passing Roosevelt Island on the East River. Simone Singleton Garcia shares this great picture of the East River ice taken from Roosevelt Island yesterday and reports:

About 3:45pm today on the walkway to the bridge.

Image From Simone Singleton Garcia

Chunks and sheets of ice in the East River on the Queens side. Looking to the left and right as far as I could see it looked the length of the Island if not longer.
On the Manhattan side of the East River, a tugboat pushed

a barge through the East River ice past Roosevelt Island.

Commenting on this post, Westviewer adds:
During the really cold winters of 1976-77and 1977-78 there was a LOT more ice in the East River for days, maybe weeks on end.


RooseveltIslander said...

I disagree.

The agreement with the Tennis Bubble was always a "License", never a lease, even before Shane was RIOC President.

The License Agreement between the Tennis Club and RIOC was first signed in 1989. The 2009 License Agreement during the Shane administration was an extension of the original License with the Tennis Bubble.

Again, I think it was a very bad deal for RIOC but not for the reasons you suggest.

Documentation is here.

Nosey said...

Kitty Kat, just because someone knows someone else doesn't mean that they know everything about them. To learn about an arrest that occurred over a year after the apparent incident, shows the IG's office did their due diligence. To suggest that Guerra, or Torres or Shane or Shinozaki or Polivy knew everything about what what Martinez was involved with is a stretch - even for you.

I'm quite sure that even you know someone who got in trouble for something you knew nothing about. Or maybe not, since all you do is write on this Blog all day. Maybe you don't have any friends, or maybe you don't know anyone in the "Professional World" - and that's why you don't have a job of your own. Just because you have plenty of time on your hands to pass judgement on people, doesn't mean it's right.

There are many people here who think Shane, Turcic, Torres, Guerra, Snedkov, Chironis and many others who have worked here - did a good job while they were here, Nobody will ever be good enough for constant complainers like you. That's probably why so many leave here and get "better" jobs elsewhere. But, some of us do appreciate the work they do for us, and think Indelicato, and her new crew, will leave after they've had enough of folks like you too.

Michael Moreo said...

Thank you for the compliment. I truly enjoyed my tenure working for RIOC and serving the community. The island residents and RIOC are often in my thoughts and I wish all well in the New Year. I believe you have a great team working for you at RIOC and I see wonderful things under Ms. Indelicato's administration.

CheshireKitty said...

I bet kissing RIOC a$$ will get you real far in this world.

And don't insult retired people - there are plenty of them in this world. If us retirees don't work, it's because we don't have to sweetie: We have worked long years to enjoy the benefits of a nice retirement. Let's see if you get a generous pension from your employer by the time you retire - I understand pensions (generous or not) like so many benefits are a vanishing "species"...

And yes, I'd rather live a million years in a cold chasm with no friends than have as a friend an abject RIOC a$$ kissing apologist like you! Back to your "Professional World" of RIOC a$$ kissers, Nosy!

Shane, Turcic, Moreo, Torres, Guerra, Snedkov, and Chironis will all need to be questioned/deposed and so forth, in order to determine how far the ethical rot at RIOC extended: The Martinez fraud may only be the tip of the ice-berg.

In fact, I am already looking forward to Indelicato's "taking a powder" and going on to probably a well-deserved, well-financed, retirement herself. The average tenure of RIOC Presidents is only 36 months - so she has approximately 2 1/2 years to go, if that long, in her position as RIOC President.

OldRossie said...

Actually Kitty, you don't work because you were laid off... Per your own comment:

Mark Lyon said...

You have a truly sad, twisted view of the world. I hope one day you get the professional help you so desperately need.

CheshireKitty said...

Right, Mark: There you go, a lawyer at a nationally-known and well-respected law firm, defending an admitted crook and fraud, Fernando Martinez!

You need help - the kind most people learn as kiddies, meaning, the simple kind "Thou Shalt Not Steal" - or are you and your friends in RIOC above the law?

Your self-serving viewpoint, considering regular folks who honestly toil for a living rather than steal, like Martinez, below you, is grotesque. Then, again, that's not too surprising coming from a corporate "tool" like you...

CheshireKitty said...

No - I was involuntarily retired, and was considered a retiree from the second I was laid off.

(Because of this, I also qualified for unemployment insurance benefits, which at the time, were being paid out for two years because of the recession/unemployment rate.)

In essence, the reason I was laid off was because I had long refused to retire; in addition, there was a round of down-sizing occurring, and that was the proximate reason for the layoff. I had been informed long before I was actually laid off that I was going to be laid off at some point. I still refused to retire.

The same deal I was offered to retire (lump sum payout etc etc, retiree med ins same top-rated plan as when I was working) I received once I was laid off.

The justification given for the layoff was down-sizing (which was true enough) but the result was "forced retirement".

I was certainly willing to keep working and was laid off through no fault of my own.

Moreover, within the layoff letter was a complete listing of the entire package of retirement benefits. Thus, the action was both a layoff, through no fault of my own, and a forced retirement, since all the benefits of retirement were also immediately conferred upon me (as had been previously discussed/offered and which I had refused, since I preferred to keep working).

Thus, the way the separation occurred, under the circumstances, probably was the best possible way it could have been handled. I certainly have no complaints.

And it's not that I do not work because I was laid off/retired. I do not work because I am now collecting my pension - and doing quite well with it, thank you. The pension started of course after I exhausted my unemployment insurance benefits. I of course made a concerted effort to find work once I was laid off/retired - as I still do - to no avail.

I was laid off, and immediately considered by my employer as retired. As far as the reality of my status at that point: I was a laid-off worker. As far as my status with regard my employer at that point: I was a retiree (albeit an involuntary retiree).

OldRossie said...

Wow. Way more than I care about. Regardless, there's still a contradiction between your statement, "...don't work, it's because we don't have to...", and the various ways you just said you'd prefer to work (cautiously stated to justify your unemployment benefits). Not that I care - I only comment nowadays to point out your contradictions or made-up facts. For my own amusement.

YetAnotherRIer said...

At least. he's got a job doing what he likes and gets paid for it while you just sit home all bitter and done with the world.

KTG said...

How crazy are you, have you been evaluated professionally?

I don't think Mark was not defending anyone just commenting on your tendency to see conspiracies every where. Your posts really make me wonder if you have had any other form of social interaction besides these rants since you were fired from your job?

BTW - I am sure that your termination had nothing to do with your interpersonal skills. It was part of large "age-ist" / 1% driven corporate conspiracy.