Friday, March 7, 2014

Good News, Roosevelt Island F Train Service To And From Manhattan This Weekend Says MTA

Image From MTA

According to the MTA Weekender site, there will be Roosevelt Island F train service to and from Manhattan this weekend.



mookie113 said...

Am I the only one who's growing very tired of all of these schools using RI as a perfect case study of a community on the edge of ruining the good that's left & creating yet another pie in the sky thesis that'll promptly by ignored by the developers & politicians that fund them?

Bill Blass said...

I was watching the Jerry Springer show and he had on a one legged tap dancer .interesting show

Bill Blass said...

Great News .the new human resource commissioner appointed by the mayor is dropping the work requirement to get food stamps.

Heather Wolfe Taylor said...

As an update-- I notified 311 using their online form, and within a few hours I got a response (from a real person, not an auto-response) saying that they would send a letter "warning them of potential violations and instructing them to correct the situation." They told me to file another complaint if the problem persisted after 21 days.

If anyone else has verifiable concerns, please do report them to 311. They won't be fined or face other penalties based on one report, but if there are many legitimate complaints, the city will take it seriously.

Heather Wolfe Taylor said...

It was a Sunday-- my husband went back and asked for a refund (and received it and an apology) but there were only cashiers working, no manager on site. We didn't go back the next day and hunt down a manager.