Monday, March 3, 2014

Wild Animal Found Roaming Roosevelt Island - Secured By Public Safety Without Struggle, No Injuries

According to this Roosevelt Island Public Safety Incident (PSD) incident report.

3/2/14 - 24:00 - 560 Main Street - Wild Animal - PSD responded - ASPCA Notified.
What was this wild animal found on Roosevelt Island - a lion, tiger or bear?

Image From Huffington Post

No. PSD Director Jack McManus advises that a chicken

 Roosevelt Island Chicken Roaming Behind 560 Main Street

was found roaming behind Roosevelt Landings at 560 Main Street.

Fortunately, the chicken was secured without struggle by Public Safety Officers and then fed by the Officers before being turned over to Wildlife rehab specialists.

UPDATE 3/4 - The Public Safety Department asked NY State Wildlife Rehabilitator Rossana Ceruzzi for assistance with rescue of the Roosevelt Island chicken. Ms. Ceruzzi shares these pictures

 Image From Rossana Ceruzzi

of the Roosevelt Island

Image From Rossana Ceruzzi


According to the NY State Department Of Environmental Conservation:
Wildlife rehabilitators aid in the care and recuperation of injured or sick wild animals. All wildlife rehabilitators are licensed by the DEC. If you find a wild animal in need of assistance, a contact list of licensed wildlife rehabilitators is offered here for your convenience.

Keep in mind:
  • Rehabilitators volunteer their time to provide services to wildlife.
  • Not all rehabilitators may be able to accept every injured or orphaned animal.
  • No state funding is available for animal caging, veterinary care, medicine or food...


Mark Lyon said...

You really should apply to be on Drunk History. These inaccurate rants would be hilarious if accompanied by actors recreating the things you say.

Westviewer said...

I was happy to see D'Artagnan chicken at Wholesome Factory and bought a pack of chicken thighs yesterday, with a use by date of March 5. One bite and we had to throw out the rest. Somehow it's not surprising; the more things change, the more they stay the same. The Roosevelt Island rule still applies: chances are that whatever we have here is the worst of its kind.

On a positive note, Gristede's was selling Plugra butter for $2.99 a half pound, similar in price to other stores. On the other hand, even though in honor of St. Patrick's Day Kerrygold butter was $3.99 (Trader Joe sells it for $3.19) it was still on the shelf next to cheese, where it will pick up cheesy flavors, and not with the other butters.

I can't understand why Gristede's management doesn't understand that if their prices were better (i.e., comparable to other stores) they would SELL more and MAKE MORE MONEY from their R.I. location, especially considering the sweetheart rent.

OldRossie said...

I'm always amazed by how you bring every topic back to affordable housing...