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Monday, April 28, 2014

A Texan Visits Roosevelt Island And Falls In Love With Our Little Slice Of New York City - RI Residents Have Best Of Both Worlds, Living On A Beautiful Island With Everything You'd Ever Want A 3 Minute Tram Ride Away

A really nice perspective on Roosevelt Island from a visiting Texan.

 Image From Legends Of America

 According to Marlo M:
This week, I finally had the chance to visit your island-twice! (I visited Sunday and Wednesday) and it just took my breath away.

Perhaps it is the Texan in me that appreciates wide open spaces and nature the island has to offer, but I was just completely blown away by the beauty of Roosevelt Island...from the blooming trees to the smallpox ruins and of course the FDR Four Freedoms monument (my husband said the monument is actually the thing he enjoyed most about the trip).

We had a goose who continually photobombed a bunch of skyline photos and I was able to take panoramic photos with the 1776, Chrysler, and Empire State Buildings in one shot. Those who state that the island lacks character truly makes me scratch my head...of course, I love nature and I have a deep appreciation for the minimalist style by which the island was designed.

I can see where living there can probably feel inconvenient at times but from what I saw, RI residents truly have the best of both worlds- living on a beautiful, quiet island with everything you'd ever want in the world literally a 3 minute tram ride away. If I ever came across the opportunity to move to NYC, after having literally walked all over that entire city and subwayed and cabbed pretty much the entire thing too, I'd definitely make RI my home.

What a beautiful island. I went twice because after we arrived Sunday I insisted that this be the first thing I do in NYC, but my mom didn't feel well so she took a nap and hubby and I went over. After that I told her I'd take her back and I did on Weds...we rode the red bus around the island and then walked down to Southpoint. She LOVED it. We fell in love with your little slice of NYC. :-)
Come back whenever you wish Marlo - Glad you had a good time and thank you for reminding us how good we have it.


YetAnotherRIer said...

Let him live here for a while and ask him again....

marlo m said...

"He" is a "she" YetAnother...and I would honestly LOVE to have that short commute to a major city! (mine is very long in my car every day) This was actually one of the places in NYC I found easiest to get to. The next time we come to NYC we would like to perhaps do a Home Away or a sublease on the island.