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Monday, April 14, 2014

A Walk Thru Roosevelt Island - Taking A Closer Look At Nature, Wildlife & Views

Roosevelt Island resident Freddy Ortiz reports:

 I have lived on Roosevelt Island for a little over a year now and just recently went out with my camera the other day since it was so nice out. I made this little video just because and thought I'd share it with you to share on your page. We walk around this island everyday and sometimes don't pay attention to the things around us. This is what I see when I take a closer look. 

Nice job. Thanks for sharing.


tbc212 said...

Soooo beautiful!

marlo m said...

I will be there this Sunday and am very, very excited- thank you for posting this! Everything looks so beautiful right now and will be well worth the trip out there.

Random said...

Beautiful, thank you. Lot's of waterfowl but a pity we have so few songbirds. Anybody know why?

disqus_h0L31fXICW said...

Mostly because of all the feral cats on the island!!

Outdoor cats have been shown to be _the_ major threat to songbird populations. Furry little predators. Very sad.

Cats belong indoors.