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Friday, April 18, 2014

Judgmental Map Of New York City Neighborhoods - Roosevelt Island's A Question Mark But That's Better Than Prior Shut In Characterization

Urban Omnibus reports on a newly released Judgement Map for New York City neighborhoods. According to Urban Omnibus:

In March, we posted the first Judgmental Map of NYC by Joe Larson. Though hilarious, his colorful comments were mostly located to Manhattan, which Untapped reader Ivan also pointed out in the comments “Hey look at that someone who thinks NYC doesn’t extend past Manhattan how cute.” As if responding to that cue, Larson released an all new judgmental map this week....
Here's the new map from Judgmental Maps

Image From Judgmental Maps

which shows a question mark (?) for Roosevelt Island.

The Roosevelt Island Twitterverse responds:
A question mark is probably a better characterization than the previous NYC Judgment Map which described Roosevelt Island

Image From Judgmental Maps

as "Shut Ins".


NotMyKid said...

Mr. Farance, the private eye of Roosevelt Island.

If you belch in PSD, you get written up and a day suspension. It was always amateur night at PSD when it came to how to punish an officer for a minor violation.

You already know if you are late, just one second past the punch in time(no 5 minute grace period like a wide majority of jobs), you get written up. One more in a period and your suspended.

Amateur night. This is the amateur doings of Capt. Suarez, who, never did a day of patrol.

Hernandez was a very active officer and is a great supervisor, regardless of the pety "let's give him one to cover our ass" write ups.

It seems as though the damned if you do and damned if you don't principal still applies. There was no back talk, no perps on ever building stoop and manhattan park was quiet when Hernandez was around.

Now you have the soft approach of let's cradle and hold these "perps" and they will magically obey. No. It does not work like that, no matter what fantasy you have in your head.

You have zero street smarts and zero street experience. Who are you to judge how a cop is suppose to handle a street encounter?

Regardless, I agree that mistakes happened. Were they on purpose? I honestly do not believe so.

Does PSD need to revise how the safe guarding of prisoners are done in custody while in a hospital? Absolutely.

Does PSD need to amend or add some new policies? Yes indeed. It's amateur night.

Do these officers need to lose their job because they are good crime suppressors? Nope.

I will donate a good chunck of money for an attorney to sue the heck out of RIOC.

You cannot suspend or fire someone who had already paid their punishment and who has been CLEARED or wrong doing by a NYS over site agency.

Not happening.

CheshireKitty said...

Hernandez "...already paid [his] ... punishment..." for his role in the Jones beating and deli incident? Really? I was under the impression none of the officers involved were suspended for their roles in those cases.

NotMyKid said...

It's a witch hunt. Period.

Frank Farance said...

NotMyKid: PSD officers illegally used deadly force on a misdemeanor charge. They were not disciplined for their wrongdoing. Can you point to the "punishment" they already received for the Anthony Jones beating? No. Can you point to a State agency that cleared them? What State agency is that? What were they cleared of?

NotMyKid said...

They used deadly force?

Really, where?

Do you know what you are taking about?

If they "illegally" used "deadly force", why were they not arrested?

A baton is not deadly force. A baton is a COMPLIANCE TOOL. As with anything, it may end up being deadly, but it's primary use is for COMPLIANCE. EVEN IF IT MEANS TO STRIKE A NON COMPLIANT, RESISTING INDIVIDUAL.

Who are YOU to judge if you were not at the scene?

Where is the so called cell phone footage?. Yeah there is no footage it was all a lie. Just like the jones beating.

It was a mistake that he got injured.

Deli? We are still doing to deli dance? The video clearly shows no wrong doing. Even so, officers are allowed to use their baton for COMPLIANCE.

Get a grip frank.

A witch hunt taking place.

Old news said...

Here I was thinking I would see 15 posts about a woman who was robbed in one of our buildings, but instead all I see are stupid old posts about a bogus incident that gave fame to a drunk woman and her communist husband. In addition, a job at RIOC for their son, the "weed-head".

As for Sergeant Hernandez, I am no fan of his. While I can agree that he is one of the more active cops from PSD, he does have a propensity to rub folks the wrong way. Does he need to be fired, who knows? He definitely should be sent for some community relations training at the very least.

As for the comment below from the Public Safety Chairwoman, she can't seem to tell her story the same way twice. Now, she says, Jones was hanging out with his friends outside. What happened to being in a building that he did not live in and running 3 building complexes to get away from the 4 foot 9 officer that was chasing him? She says the majority of the community doesn't want the officers doing anything, but that's not true. What she should have said, are the people in the community with big mouths and kids who get in trouble don't want the officers here doing anything. That I could buy. The other hogwash she is trying to sell is garbage.

As for the PSD Director and the RIOC president, they are just following the way this island has always been run... in a circle. First, we don't want PSD to do anything, then we complain about them not doing anything, so RIOC & PSD change and start being proactive. Then, we start complaining they do too much, so RIOC changes and tells them not to do anything. It's a big circle.

This community treats it's officers like Yo-Yo's, but then we expect them to be good at what they do. "Faget-a-boud-it", these poor and underpaid workers should just come here and collect a check from the State and do nothing. Why put your safety in jeopardy? Nobody cares about you. They'd rather care about a drug-dealing wanna be gang member than care about you. They'd rather FOIL your work folder to see how many times you were late than to work with you to make this a better community. Us -vs- them is what they want.

Not me. I would rather they leave that blown-out-of proportion incident in the past. Let's hear from somebody that knows what happened to the poor woman who was robbed in a building on Roosevelt Isle.

Frank Farance said...

NotMyKid: You're a lousy cop who sees unlimited escalation
of force; abuse due to ignorance of the law. Mr. Jones suffered a punctured lung, two liters blood drained from his lungs. It was deadly force because it impaired the function of his lungs (see NY Penal Law, definitions 11 and 10). It was illegal because there was no felony charge and no resisting arrest, according to the arrest records (see NY Penal Law 35.50).

As to which PSD officer stepped on Mr. Jones, almost killing him, I've heard that Sgt. Hernandez points the finger and Officer Torrens, and Officer Torrens points the finger at Sgt. Hernandez. However, it is Sgt. Hernandez who is in a
supervisory role and is responsible for what happened, regardless of whether Hernandez, Torrens, or both of them stepped on Mr. Jones.

11. "Deadly physical force" means physical force which, under the circumstances in which it is used, is readily capable of causing death or other serious physical injury.

10. "Serious physical injury" means physical injury which creates a substantial risk of death, or which causes death or serious and protracted disfigurement, protracted impairment of health or protracted loss or impairment of the function of any bodily organ.

35.30 Justification; use of physical force in making an arrest or in preventing an escape.

1. A police officer or a peace officer, in the course of effecting or attempting to effect an arrest, or of preventing or attempting to prevent the escape from custody, of a person whom he or she reasonably believes to have committed an offense, may use physical force when and to the extent he or she reasonably believes such to be necessary to effect the arrest, or to prevent the escape from custody, or in self-defense or to defend a third person from what he or she reasonably believes to be the use or imminent use of physical force; except that deadly physical force may be used for such purposes only when he or she reasonably believes that:

(a) The offense committed by such person was:

(i) a felony or an attempt to commit a felony involving the use or attempted use or threatened imminent use of physical force against a person; or

(ii) kidnapping, arson, escape in the first degree, burglary in the first degree or any attempt to commit such a crime; or

(b) The offense committed or attempted by such person was a felony and that, in the course of resisting arrest therefore or attempting to escape from custody, such person is armed with a firearm or deadly weapon; or

(c) Regardless of the particular offense which is the subject of the arrest or attempted escape, the use of deadly physical force is necessary to defend the police officer or peace officer or another person from what the officer reasonably believes to be the use or imminent use of deadly physical force.

CheshireKitty said...

"...a bogus incident...?" Really? It seemed pretty real to the victim, chained to his hospital bed at death's door. How unjust does an incident have to get before you characterize it as real?

I'm not against l/e - not at all. Actually, I'm somewhat conservative in that regard. I just don't go for people getting mercilessly beaten so as to require hospitalization, and then being prevented from contacting a relative or an attorney, and also having the arresting cops give misleading medical information to the medical staff so as to deflect blame from the cops who had beaten the victim. Deliberately giving misleading medical information was a dangerous game to play - it further put the victim's life in danger. The entire story of the Jones incident was sickening. The protests were justified. As long as the cops who were involved in the beating, the unjust detention, and in the transmission of misleading medical information to the medical personnel, face no consequences, justice is still elusive.

I think you should consider how you would feel if you had been the person beaten for no reason, detained for no reason, and nearly dead because of a misdiagnosis deliberately promoted by a cop looking to deflect blame and avoid having to admit either verbally or in writing that you suffered a beating at the cops' hands, a beating that put you in the hospital with your lung filling with blood. If it sounds like a nightmare out of Franz Kafka, that's because we usually have the expectation of some measure of justice from the criminal justice system, and it horrifies us, as a nightmare would horrify us, to hear of what the victim experienced.

I don't think anybody deserves such treatment, especially someone who had done nothing wrong, and was charged with nothing. The cops that participated in the wrongful treatment of the victim: the beating, the detention, and relaying misleading information about the victim's diagnosis which further put the victim's life in danger, all need to face some consequences for their actions.

NotMyKid said...

Your go to feel good reply of me being a lousy cop.

A baton is a compliance tool first, it may be used as dpf, but it was not made for dpf, it's designed for compliance.
You still have zero valid proof that they actually caused damage from the baton.
You are throwing theories and false pretense in the wind.

Now you say they "stepped" on him. Perhaps maybe, just maybe they landed on him too hard when getting on a knee to hold him down. Maybe jones was resisting violently? YOU WERE NOT THERE. YOU CANNOT JUDGE THE ACTIONS. PERIOD.

You have no real world experience.

Anyway it must suck that mommy jones is already driving a new range rover whole you still wait for your cut of the check. Sorry pal, your not getting a slice of that pie.

That money will be blown faster than a tornado.

NotMyKid said...

According to arrest records? From DANY?

Post he online booking sheets. If there is no resisting charge then every single person employed by PSD should go for penal law retraining.

Since it was declined to prosecute. The arrest records are sealed, therefor inaccessible.

Just because a defendant was declined to persecute does not negate the fact that probable cause to arrest existed. It's just that the DANY did not feel they should prosecute.

Resisting arrest is almost always dropped automatically by the DA's office. It's no secret.

So, your wonderful research is flawed as to the fact when this was made public for all to see, and the nys investigating body performed their investigation, they found absolutely no wrong doing from the officers.

Why were they not arrested if that was the case?

Don't try to school me as to what a baton is. I have been very versed in what a baton is and am very well versed in knowing how and when to use it in real life situations.

Once again and once and for all, a baton is a COMPLIANCE TOOL, EVEN IF IT MEANS TO STRIKE A NON COMPLIANT INDIVIDUAL. It does not need to rise to a felony to use as a COMPLIANCE TOOL.

If you say they used it illegally, explain why they are not the defendants now?

If you cannot explain that, then keep your trap zipped. Explain without a tin foil hat theory please. Give me a reasonable reason.

Why have they not eve arrested by the NYS Attorney General office or Inspector general office? If they allegedly used their batons illegally.

Your a lousy activist and a lousy citizen.

Frank Farance said...

NotMyKid: Deadly Force, non-felony charge, no resisting arrest => Illegal Deadly Force. RIOC's own audit pointed to a culture of maximum enforcement. Your usual huff-n-puff, but you ignored responding to the points.

And my complaining about poor treatment by law enforcement that almost caused his death? You characterize that as "Your a lousy activist and a lousy citizen".

Gee, I think you need to learn a little more 3rd grade US history, like the Bill of Rights and the fact the civilians rule over law enforcement (not the other way around).

According to you, only cops would be qualified for juries because they are the only ones who can truly understand the circumstances, right?

In your comments, I think you've done a Fantastic Job (and I mean that in all sincerity) in explaining, motivating, and rationalizing why law enforcement (especially PSD) is deserving of more oversight. Just look at your comments ... that's the attitude the community sees behind PSD: that ongoing, overriding Bridge-To-Message thinking that we must rationalize all uses of force and, regardless of a persons (legal) actions and their rights, there is no understanding of any sense of balance, just more rationalization for abuse.

And it's clear that you're not a very good thinker, you're blaming the victim "Anyway it must suck that mommy jones is already driving a new range rover whole you still wait for your cut of the check. Sorry pal, your not getting a slice of that pie. That money will be blown faster than a tornado."

What doesn't "suck" is that Mr. Jones is alive and there is some management response to the problem, although the response and timing are delayed and inadequate.

NotMyKid said...

Bottom line is you were not there and you are relying on a known perpetrators word who has multiple police contact(PSD and nypd). The credibility there is out the window.

I absolutely cherish the bill of rights and the freedom of this country. I will never say that he DESERVED his injuries, we just know he was "stepped on" or possibly an officer kneeled down on his side ACCIDENTLY.

YOU KNIW FRANK, you really have to understand that the world of law enforcement is bit perfect. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN.

You will never get a police department to do thing absolutely perfect every single time. The variables in law enforcement is too great and things happen.

You keep falling on the beating with a baton theory. If a baton was deployed, it does not mean strike. It's a compliance tool.

Stop trying to twist it into deadly force as Jones is not dead.

There is still absolutely no proof he was allegedly beat by a baton. Still just a theory in the wind.

RooseveltIslander said...

How do you know that the officers were cleared by NY State Attorney General and Inspector General?

Was there a written report, does RIOC have a copy?

Frank Farance said...

NotMyKid, out of facts/arguments, you're left with: You Weren't There, but that doesn't stop juries from arriving at verdicts, and policymakers crafting new law/policies.

Now, you've made a fake argument about a baton. Carefully reread what I said about Mr. Jones, I've never said anything about a baton. You're just making up a fake argument that I've never made.

Still, you're misguided about a baton: it can be used for Deadly Force, the problem is that you're just poorly trained because you don't see any limits on use/abuse.

NotMyKid said...

Says a man who is a computer programer who has zero experience in police matters.

There was no jury, it was a typical nyc/RIOC out of court settlement.

If jones believed he had a real good case they would have declined the settlement.

Yes a baton CAN BE USED AS DPF. it is issued and designed as a COMPLIANCE TOOL, ONCE AND FOR ALL.

COMPLIANCE COMPLIANCE COMPLIANCE. in that same realm, it is a dece sive tool FOR the officer as well.

Drop the nonsense ALREADY.

NotMyKid said...

RIOC would not dare share that. They offered the suspended officers to sign a waver to NOT SUE THEM, along with money to leave under suspension.


Says plenty in my book.

CheshireKitty said...

Why would the officers want to sue RIOC? Obviously, the AG & IG reports must be "dynamite" - if the officers were given a way out by RIOC. The reports must have found wrongdoing on the part of the officers. In that case, Not, it's no witch hunt. RIOC is trying to "encourage" the officers to leave - since the are looking at even more settlements/law suits/etc if they stay.

CheshireKitty said...

So only cops can comment on cops' behavior? It seems to me juries are filled with those who are non-experts - ordinary people who called on to evaluate information and render a verdict. In the forum of public opinion, those that comment similarly have a right to comment, which is what those on this thread are doing with regard to PSD police brutality as it played out last year and the five years prior to last May, under former PSD Director Guerra.

Ordinary people can comment, they can protest, they can write to their elected officials, they can file law suits. If cops don't like the complaints, they shouldn't be brutal.

NotMyKid said...

This is why the courts have expert witnesses(training experts) to explain what a baton is and how it's used if this went to trial.

They don't have people acting like they know what they are talking about.

So, regular citizens are not put on a stand.

NotMyKid said...

Ms.feely and Ms. Endelicato are buddies and the heat is on the president to "do something".

Hence why they offered the officers some money and to sign a waiver not to sue. Which was rejected.

Why, if you have nothing and know you have no basis to terminate the officers, would you suspend them with pay and offer money and a no law suit waiver.

Why the law suit waiver?


Frank Farance said...

NotMyKid: You're flailing on an irrelevant point about a baton. PSD officers used Illegal Deadly Force, careless attitudes like yours (no limits to escalation of force) foster this kind of abuse. Certainly, Illegal Deadly Force can be applied without a weapon, so your fake issue of a baton is irrelevant. Stick to the point: PSD officers used Illegal Deadly Force.

What people see, NotMyKid, is a former PSD / current NYPD officer (that would be you) with an abusive attitude who looks to rationalize any kind of abuse. They see your points as illogical, just all-over-the-map spewing, right? Do you think that causes people to think "NotMyKid" is a really great cop? Of course not, they see a lousy cop (you) who doesn't understand much about policing (other than banging up people). Do you think your efforts put PSD in a better light? Of course not, your ramblings show why those public protests were necessary (and still more to come).

You'd be surprised by the number of PSD officers who disagree with your points (as we have discovered in the past). Yes, there are PSD officers who have better thinking about the job and don't want the abusive environment. But they are the smarter officers with a longer-term vision, and that group is definitely not you.

NotMyKid said...

Right. Because you interview personnel. They all know to stand far away from you and to not interact unless it is directly police related.

You are a known baiter.

Psd officers did not deploy deadly physical force because for starters Jones is very well alive. Show me a report that has baton strikes in it which caused his condition.

You cannot prove it nor can you get those reports because that was not the case.

You keep going to the lousy cop angle. Too bad no one is listening to that fall back cry.

Whenever you are outgunned you try to show the winner is wrong by baiting your audience into believing I don't know what I am talkibg about. Real classy.