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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Roosevelt Island Woman Robbed In Roosevelt Landings Elevator - Iphone And Wallet Taken

Image Of Roosevelt Landings 510 Main Street Entrance and Elevators

According to the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department Daily Report:
4/11/14 - 0235 - 510 Main St. - Grand Larceny - NYPD and PSD respond. Report generated
In response to my inquiry about the incident, a NYPD Spokesperson said that as a woman was coming down an elevator at 510 Main Street (Roosevelt Landings) shortly after midnight on April 11, one male took an iphone from her hand and another male removed a wallet from her purse.

The NYPD spokesperson added that an investigation is ongoing.

I asked Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Jack McManus about the incident as well. Will update when answer received.

Reported previously on a series of recent burglaries at Roosevelt Landings.


OldRossie said...

What's the expectation? That there's a PSD officer in every lift, hallway, stoop...

I'm not saying they're the most effective, but this is still NYC...