Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Roosevelt Landings Quality Of Life Issues Discussed By Residents, Urban American Building Management, NYPD, RIOC PSD, Manhattan District Attorney's Office And NYC Council Member Ben Kallos Staffer

Quality of life issues at the Roosevelt Island Roosevelt Landings complex

Image Of Roosevelt Landings

was the subject of an April 10 meeting organized by Roosevelt Landing Service Committee Chairperson Romano Reid. According to Mr. Reid:
In light of the complaints in Roosevelt Landings as it pertains to kids loitering in the halls, drug usage in public places, constant traffic in various units, burglaries etc., The Roosevelt Landings Service Committee (RLSC) in conjunction with the Roosevelt Landings Residents Association (RLRA) met on April 10  to discuss quality of life issues at Roosevelt Landings.
Among the participants at this meeting were residents, Roosevelt Landings owner Urban American building management representative Doryne Isley, NYPD 114th Precinct Community Police Officers, Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Safety Department Director Jack McManus, Manhattan District Attorney's office representative Denise Liriano and NYC Council Member Ben Kallos Roosevelt Island staffer Joe Strong.

Mr. Reid shares this report from the April 10 meeting:
I would like to thank everyone who attended the meeting today. Although some may have disagreed, I do commend all for coming to the table.

I would like to especially thank Director McManus for committing to Doryne Isley that Public Safety will improve in the disclosure of reports. I would also like to thank Joe Strong for his stating that the office of Council member Kallos will work in conjunction to the Manhattan District Attorney's office to explore the possibility of bringing an additional C-pop officer from the Manhattan NYPD 19th PCT to Roosevelt Island.

I would like to thank the office of DA Cy Vance for informing us that there is a specific prosecutor for the Upper East side & Roosevelt Island.

I would like to also acknowledge Doryne Isley for exploring the possibility of better securing the rear lobby doors / Installing -Motion detectors on all rooftops .

We were sailing on rough waters. However, I honestly believe we did some good work . I look forward to following up with all involved on the progress of our discussion.

Once again thank you for your involvement .
Roosevelt Island NYC Council Member Ben Kallos adds:
Roosevelt Islanders must be safe and secure in their homes. I am working with Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, the NYPD, RIOC's Public Safety Department, Roosevelt Landings management and tenant leaders to improving community policing by eliminating bureaucracy and empower residents to have a safer home,

I will be focusing on working with Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance and the NYPD's 19th and 114th Precincts to address any inefficiency brought about by government bureaucracy because my job is to cut red tape so residents will be safer.
Mr. Reid also reports that a follow up meeting will be convened to discuss:
  • Keeping external doors locked
  • Providing tenants with door peep holes to safely observe who is at door
  • Having a working intercom system
  • Improving vertical patrols
  • Sharing information between Roosevelt Landings Management and the Public Safety Dept.
  • Credit for arrest statistics given to the 114 Queens Precinct Camera surveillance at important points and hot spots as needed
  • Trespass policy that is fairly enforced and
  • Safety reminders to residents
Mr. Reid also reports the possibility of inviting the managing agents from RY Management (Island House and WestView) as well as Grenadier (Manhattan Park) to future meetings.