Wednesday, April 23, 2014

See Roosevelt Island Through The Lens Of A Young Visiting Vlogger - He's Very Impressed

Vlogger Classy Malick visited Roosevelt Island and reports:

From the F-train to the Q102 bus there are many, many ways to get to Roosevelt Island, New York City. Of course, me being an extrovert I took the most extreme way which was the tram. With the swipe of a MetroCard for $2.50 ($3.50 if you don't already have a card) you can go up into the air and catch aerial views and shots of the beautiful skyscrapers of NYC! It truly is an awesome city! When you get to Roosevelt Island, you can check out The FDR Four Freedoms Park, displayed in the video. You can also check out the regular parks, eateries that are on the stretch of the only 2-mile island! You can also chef out The Lighthouse located at the northern tip of the island. To get around be sure to catch the red RIOC bus which is completely FREE. The highest they have ever charged (from what i know) is $0.25. Once your done exploring, you can either go home as there are many condos and apartment buildings or head out and see what else New York has to offer!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this vlog! I loved making it and I honestly love Roosevelt Island so much! I really think it's going to be that special place for me haha! I have to go more often lol!...
Check out Classy Malick's Roosevelt Island video.

Well done.


CheshireKitty said...

Yay! Way to go, Bill de Blasio!

NotMyKid said...

The good old damn if you do, damn if you don't.

How is the let's hug the perps approach going for you Director McManus?

Not so well. I noticed the department has not made a proactive arrest in ages. Good job.

Also, c-pop is an outdated use, there is no official c-pop used anymore. It's typically fora cop who is a screw up, got in trouble or ready to retire. But the actual c-pop phrase was used 15 years ago or so and is not used any longer.

Let the Lone Ranger nypd officer save the day. Yeah right. Every cop that comes on this island was forced one way or another to come here. Hence ZERO activity is made by them. Lack of arrests, summonses and proactive enforcement.

Roosevelt island is a punishment port folks. Not a priority post to but the best guy here. The best guy is answering 30 jobs a night in a sector car.

What a pipe dream.

OldRossie said...

He can't run schools, campaign finances, speeding cars, agency-head appointments, central park, garbage collection, or snow plows... but we'll take the fireworks! Try not to screw it up...

YetAnotherRIer said...

Dude, that guy really thinks he's the center of everybody's world. That people kept staring at him etc. etc. I doubt that :-) Ah, youth.

Robert said...

Will they be blasting music into the apartments of 40 River Road that overlook the soccer field until 10PM that evening, even after the event while they are cleaning up, like they did last year? Or will they be more considerate of the local community this year?

NotMyKid said...

Robert, your kidding right?

It's once a year for crying out loud, for an amazing cause.

YOU MADE THE MISTAKE AND GOT AN APARTMENT THAT FACES A SOCCER FIELD! Do you think they hold events on fields in silence?. Shame on you.

Also, it's on a SATURDAY.

Looks like another one who would never survive in the real city, eve though you are living in NYC.

YetAnotherRIer said...

They probably will and you and I will survive. How about the ZogSport folks that use the field until 10pm and make noise? That doesn't bother you?

Robert said...

Actually, the ZogSport folks don't bother me as much. Something about the amplification makes it that much worse than just people shouting and making noise.

Mark Lyon said...

I agree. The Blonde vs Brunette thing and the Walk a Thon always seem to have far more music and annoying announcing than anything else on the field. I think it has to do with how they set up - they seem to be run by people who want to "make it louder" and also pick announcers who do things like constantly scream into the mic or make repetitive, annoying announcements.

Robert said...

I agree it's an amazing cause -- that's why I work as a cancer researcher. However, there is no need for highly amplified music at 9:30PM at night after the event is over so the volunteers can clean up the field. The organizers could show some consideration for the community instead of being blind to the fact that people, including hong children, the elderly, and yes people fighting cancer, live here and may be trying to sleep as early as 9:30 PM at night.

CheshireKitty said...

Utter BS. Why don't you try to substantiate your accusations. We know you don't want to pay a special tax to finance pre-K programs for all (figuring you're a rich 'un) so that at least partially explains your resentment toward the populist de Blasio, but why not at least try for once to substantiate the "failings" of de Blasio you list.

Let's face it, you hate him because he represents the non-elite/mostly non-white masses that won in November.

Isn't that the source of your resentment? Having to share power with folks like the Bangladeshi cab driver from way out in Queens who drove you to work the other day who you under-tipped, or the Guatemalan cleaning lady you also exploit by underpaying?

You don't consider immigrants such as the above (much less the masses of African American and established Latino population) your "equal" right, because they don't have your money or education, so why should they "run" things?

Well, you should prepare yourself for big changes on an ongoing basis: People like the Bangladeshi cab driver, the Central American "help" and all the non-white groups that now comprise the majority of the population of NYC - will be deciding elections henceforth, just as they decided the most recent Mayoral election. Accept it, or move on.

Josh said...

I hope something will finally be done to improve the buildings. They took the time to install surveillance cameras everywhere, and yet I wonder if anyone out there ever pays attention to them. Closing off the laundry rooms on the 3rd floor is not the answer. It just inconveniences tenants. Use those cameras to nip situations in the bud! Who is it who busts the lock on the front door of 560 all the time?

Why were the dividers in the halls of 546 painted over, making them easy spots for people to hide behind?

I also wonder why it's been SO MANY YEARS since the buildings have had a decent, functioning intercom system?? These systems were designed to help keep tenants safer, and to keep non-tenants out. Every other building in NYC manages to have one. It's unfathomable to me how they've gotten away with not installing one for so long considering it's actually an obligation of the building's management to supply one. Why should these buildings be exempt? Do I smell a breach of warranty of habitability? Let's ask the DHCR and/or DOA of NY, and see what they say.

The lack of security at Roosevelt Landings is abysmal and downright negligent. Management needs to make some changes NOW and take charge of these buildings as far as security goes. Unfortunately, they'll probably do what most businesses do...wait til something really horrible happens, and then get "serious".