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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

NYC Neighborhood Slice Of Roosevelt Island, 1977 Pioneer Resident Sande Elinson Chooses The Rock Over Idaho - A Wonderful Place To Keep Middle Class Families In NYC She Says

Neighborhood Slice profiles Roosevelt Island through the eyes of pioneering resident Sande Elinson

who moved here with her family in January 1977 and were the first to live in their building.

The Neighborhood Slice video below captures very well the spirit of Roosevelt Island. 

Ms. Elinson notes that Roosevelt Island:
... was all affordable. That was the whole reclaiming this and keeping people in the city. Keeping the middle class and then all these families, all these kids, we would sit in the parks and we realize, boy, we could set up a  baby sitting coop, a little league, an artists association a garden...

... Roosevelt Island was paved and developed. The three new complexes have now increased us from 4000 when we came here to close to 15,000 people. Now we have three streets.

What was available to us in 1976 on a teacher's income is not available now but the new buildings have young families in them....

... It's heaven... a beautiful wonderful place still to live.
Enjoy the video. It's very well done.

More information on Neighborhood Slice at their Facebook Page