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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Roosevelt Island Cornell NYC Tech Campus Construction Update - Barge Returns, Trucking Stops, Phase 1 Interior Demolition And Abatement Completed, Phase 2 Starting

Reported May 10:

A recent fire destroyed the marine facility in New Jersey that was receiving barges from the Cornell Tech site. The fire was unrelated to the Cornell Tech Activities. Efforts are underway to locate a new facility, but in the interim, a small number of trucks will be required to deliver empty containers to the site next week....
Image Of Cornell Construction Barge Return May 22

According to this May 22 Cornell NYC Tech Construction Update a new barge receiving facility has been found.
May 26 - June 6 Look Ahead

Interior demolition and abatement is now complete in all Phase 1 buildings (buildings C, D, F, and H in the northern region). The roof of building C is currently undergoing abatement and the work is expected to be complete the week of May 26th. Two additional buildings also require roof abatement but the exact timing of this work has not been finalized.

Interior demolition will be complete in buildings A. G and J to the south (Phase 2 buildings) within the coming two weeks. Once this work is finished, interior abatement will begin in these buildings.

The barge is back and will remain on-site into the week of May 26th. Unfortunately, the previous barging company suffered a fire at its docking facility in Keasbey, New Jersey, essentially shutting down operations. A new barging operator has been identified and containers will now be barged to Bayonne, New Jersey. From there, the containers will be transported by truck to Pennsylvania, Ohio, or elsewhere in New Jersey depending on the type of construction waste being transported.