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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Roosevelt Island Mom Asking For Help Retrieving Baby Daughter's Stuffed Reindeer Maple - Last Seen Outside Riverwalk Bar & Grill

Roosevelt Island Mom Susy del Campo Perea asks for your help finding Maple, her

5 month old daughter's stuffed reindeer.

Ms. Perea writes today:
Yesterday my baby girl of 5 months, dropped her little stuffed Reindeer "Maple" between Riverwalk Bar and Grill and Duane Reade around 6:15pm. A person saw it and put it on top of the tables outside Riverwalk. I was informed that "Maple" had appeared and I called Nonno's and Riverwalk to safeguard it while we go down to get it.

Well, we weren't lucky because someone pass by and TOOK IT from the table.

This is a special gift for my baby girl, and we would like to have it back. We will even give a reward to the person that returns it to Nonno's, Riverwalk or Public Safety or just to us (