Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Roosevelt Island Octagon Resident Concerned About Poor Landscaping In Area And Being Forgotten By RIOC

A Roosevelt Island Octagon resident expressed concern yesterday:

... about the poor landscaping upkeep on the Octagon end of the island. The grass is very high in some parts, which doesnt make it pleasant for those walking their dogs. It can get very buggy.

There are also branches everywhere,

with some being piled along the tennis courts. I am not sure if RIOC did this or perhaps an Octagon tenant to help try cleaning up. The sidewalks are scattered with them and its hard to maneuver around them while walking through the tall grass with your pet.

It seems they started to cut the grass but then stopped and left piles of cut grass behind. Weeds are overgrown everywhere. It seems as though we are forgotten down here quite a bit.

Just a few weeks ago, I complained, along with our concierge 3-4 times within a 1- 1 1/2 week period to have a very large dead squirrel removed from near the tennis courts. I saw several children jump and scream after being startled by the dead animal. With the squirrel deaths last Fall, I found it to be disturbing and was frightened for people with their pets and children.

I have lived here for 5 years and never have seen it this bad. I have attached a couple photos. I was also wondering what is going on with the tennis courts. The nets have been down for a couple weeks. Perhaps RIOC thought that since tennis is out of order for a few weeks, upkeep of the surrounding area could be ignored??

I would like those visiting and those living here to once again see the beauty of Roosevelt Island.
The Octagon Resident adds today:
Ironically, they mowed the lawn today. However they have still not picked up the grass!


YetAnotherRIer said...

Many doorman buildings all over the city have public facilities like doctor's offices etc. The trick to be safe is just this: keep your doors locked. Simple?