Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Is Here And Temperatures Are Starting To Get Really Hot - At Least Roosevelt Island Kids Get Relief And Fun In The Blackwell Park Sprinklers

Summer is definitely here according to the hot temperatures yesterday and today. The NY Times reports:

A sticky Wednesday morning to you.

It is already 82 degrees.

It’s been 280 days since the temperature last hit 90 in Central Park.

Sometime this afternoon, as the sun bakes down, we should reach that magic number again.

It is easy to forget how shocking it feels when high summer descends on the city: A sullen violence hangs in the sultry air, the normal borders between things peeled away.

Tuesday, with a high of 89 degrees — the hottest day so far this year — gave a little taste....
It was hot here on Roosevelt Island yesterday and even hotter today. Fortunately, the Blackwell Park water sprinklers were on. Roosevelt Island Mom Susy del Campo reported yesterday:
Just to let you know how joyful and excited

 Image From Susy del Campo

our kids are with the sprinklers on!!!
Image From Susy del Campo

Another Roosevelt Island Mom asked Ms del Campo yesterday:
Just curious, since it's hard to tell from the pictures.. have they corrected the drainage problem? Last year it became a pool (water was not draining completely- maybe that's why only one was on?), which as you know with toddler and local animals, not the most sanitary, especially by the end of the week!
Ms. del Campo replied yesterday:
So far the water was draining, although a small puddle forms on one side the drainage because it is completely flat.

The other problem that happened just today is that the girls (totaling around 100) from the Hasidic schools left a lot of trash inside the sprinkler, so that contributes to clog the drainage. But we cleaned it up....

Is there a way that RIOC can tell the schools with big groups of kids that they have to clean after themselves?? And that the teachers have to follow the rules of the playground like everybody else?? (Toddler playground for toddlers, 50" or less, trash goes in trash can, close door all the times to access the playground and for the swings)

It is sad how they leave the trash right there for someone else to pick it up
Stay cool.