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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Super Quick Video Tour Of Roosevelt Island - The Tram, Promenade, Southpoint Park, Renwick Ruins, FDR Park Really Big Head And Oh Those Waterfront Views

Take this very quick tour around Roosevelt Island.

Very cool.


Judith Berdy said...

There is more to R.I. than the Tram and FDR FFP. They should have stopped in the Visitor Center to learn about the entire island community

Jean M. Shea said...

Great video!!! There is much more to R.I. than the Tram and FDR FFP and the East River views.. So much more...Blackwell House, the Lighthouse, The Octagon Tower, Main Street, Dayspring Church, etc.. I could list so many more after 32 years.. Ms. Berdy is right...