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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Instagram Hyperlapse View Of Roosevelt Island Tram Ride - Wow That Was Quick

Image of Hyperlapse Logo From Instagram

Instagram announced today:
... Hyperlapse from Instagram, a new app to capture high-quality time lapse videos even while in motion.

Traditionally, time lapse videos depend on holding your phone or camera still while you film. Hyperlapse from Instagram features built-in stabilization technology that lets you create moving, handheld time lapses that result in a cinematic look, quality and feel—a feat that has previously only been possible with expensive equipment....

You can get the free Instagram Hyperlapse app (only iOS available) from the Itunes store.


Nick said...

I took another crack at it from the other direction.

Marsattacks said...

All I heard in my head when I read your post is blah blah blah blah blah. I'm sure others will agree.

CheshireKitty said...

I guess the others would be those in RIOC and possibly Albany who don't want to experience the uncomfortable repercussions or consequences from having to acknowledge their responsibility for the years of over-enforcement - consequences better known as justice and accountability.

Sort of like the way some in Albany and RIOC didn't want the Torres-Martinez-Chironis scandal to come to light because of how embarrassing it would be for RIOC and Albany. But it did come to light (because of the Union's questions).. and one RIOC guy (so far) has paid for his greed with jail time.

So it's these others in RIOC and Albany who would consider justice and accountability blah, blah, blah. Right, Mars?

Let's do a thought experiment, Mars: Suppose one day you were the victim of an unfortunate misunderstanding. You were minding your own business standing on the sidewalk, but because you didn't fit the "stereotype" of the "law-abiding" citizen (whatever that might be) you were stopped and questioned. Let's say you were completely respectful and compliant but something still ticked off the cop, and because no-one was around, he decided to "teach you a lesson" - for no reason at all. You had done nothing wrong, you weren't involved in any crime whatsoever, but for some reason, that cop disliked your "looks" and took it upon themselves to administer a beating even though you had done nothing wrong. Maybe he or she was trying to "encourage" you to leave the "nice" neighborhood you happen to reside in, so that more of the stereotypical "law-abiding" citizens can move in, or maybe the cop was just having a bad day and decided to take it out on you. Who knows why the cop decided to rough you up? Although you know what happened to you was unjust, your attitude is such that complaints about police brutality are so much... blah blah blah, right?

So if you, Mars, are beaten up by the police one day, and you are screaming in pain, then we'll remember your words, Mars, and say the following about you: "Haaaanh! Serves him right! What screaming? All we hear is... blah blah blah!"

And when you take your complaints of police brutality to RIOC or the IG, then we'll laugh at that too, as you would expect us to, and call your complaints so much "blah blah blah!"

This is apparently how you, who discounts police-inflicted beatings and complaints about police brutality, would expect us to react to your pain and your complaints: Right, Mars?

Sorry to disabuse you of your illusions, Mars, but there was recently an election, which was mostly about police over-enforcement as embodied in mass-basis stop and frisk. And guess what Mars: The numbers (the vast number of ordinary voters whose "looks" you seem to dislike) trumped the elites (there are of course fewer of them than the ordinary folks - the extreme example is the 1%) and mass-basis stop and frisk was discontinued by BdB & Bratton!

For you and the others who agree with your "analysis" of criticism of over-enforcement and police brutality as so much blah blah blah, democracy certainly is a "drawback."

Unfortunately for you and the others though, the system of democracy is here to stay.. Didn't we reverse the rule of the elites in the US about 225 years ago? Or would you say we do not have democracy in the USA?

If you and your anti-democratic friends don't want our system of democracy along with all its blah blah blah, then you can cha cha cha off to some desert island in the far South Seas with only penguins for company, because democracy and all its "blah blah blah" is the prevailing form of social organization today! The "ordinary people" whose "looks" you dislike, won out long ago and since then, the elites have been on the run..

Marsattacks said...

Let's see,the Manhattan DA office never filed any charges against any officers,but in your eyes the Manhattan DA is probably corrupt because of that. Everyone wanted the IG to investigate the matter,now that the IG pretty much said they aren't going to look into it,now your unhappy. So if two completely different law enforcement offices won't pursue charges,doesn't that tell you something. Wake up lady,you have such a one sided view.

CheshireKitty said...

Of course I call out the DA & the IG! They are as integrated into "politics" including all the ethical compromises that "politics" seem to entail, as any other public officials! One is an appointee of the Governor, the other ran of course on the Democratic line: It would certainly take quite a bit of courage to uncover a Pandora's box of over-enforcement that might not reflect too well on the most powerful Democratic figure in NYS - right before Election Day..

Because of bias - the tendency of DAs to side with law enforcement - CCRBs were implemented. But we do not have the benefit of CCRB-like body overseeing PSD on RI, right?

The letter from the IG and the subsequent remarks by Mr. Reyolds of the IG office, blandly dismissing the complaints the IG refuses to address, underline the need for a CCRB-like body for PSD on RI.

No - the complaints about the IG letter are not going to "go away" as you and your elite friends would prefer.

Complaining about injustice is cheap, since talk is cheap. It's the consequences of injustice -such as being asked to resign, and sometimes even worse -such as fines/jail time, that are expensive!

Marsattacks said...

But weren't you asking for the DA and IG to get involved?

CheshireKitty said...

Wow - both are fantastic, Nick!

CheshireKitty said...

Ben Kallos sent the letter to the IG and complaints were handed over to the RIOC Board by the PSC.

Me? From day 1, from back in Feb 2013, I (as it turned out, correctly) assessed the chances of "action" by the DA or the IG as dim, because of the political impact (bad publicity for Cuomo) of pointing out PSD oversight deficiencies and so forth.

In fact the IG letter is a further embarrassment to the "establishment" which should be a wake-up call to our reps in Albany to take up the cause of the CCRB legislation in Albany, since neither RIOC nor the IG seem to be willing to adjudicate the complaints.

Marsattacks said...

This is because most of the complaints are BASELESS!!! I know this first-hand.

As far as ccrb,I agree. I think the state should establish a complaint review board that answers all complaints against all state law enforcement, not just for a single department.

Also,if the IG in conjunction with the Manhattan da had no problem putting Martinez behind bars for what he did,what makes you think they would have a problem with charging simple little Psd officers with a crime.

Nobody likes the Psd,but everyone wants them to be the perfect police,yet they are treated like security. They want them to police an island of over 13 residents,and do it with just a stick and no training,and do it for little pay. Something hinges wrong with this picture?