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Monday, August 11, 2014

Upcoming Free Movies At The Roosevelt Island Public Library - The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Tomorrow 6 PM & More To Follow Thru December

You're invited to free monthly movies at the Roosevelt Island branch of the New York Public Library.

There is a free movie tonight. According to the Roosevelt Island NYPL:

8-12-2014 The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (2013) (PG 13).  Lots of laughs in this wacky parody of the Magic business as Steve Carell, Steve Buscemi & Jim Carrey star as competing Magicians.

8-26-2014 The Delta Force (1986) (R). Tough guys Lee Marvin and Chuck Norris combat ruthless terrorists who have high-jacked a passenger jet.

10-14-2014 The Big Red One (1980) (R).  Lee Marvin plays a grizzled Army Sargent  who  leads a group of men into combat against the Nazi forces in World War II.  Also Starring Mark Hamill and Robert Carradine.

10-21-2014 Live and Let Die (1973) (PG).  Roger Moore stars as secret agent James Bond (license to kill 007).  Bond does battle with a deadly crime organization that has tentacles in the heroin trade as well as politics and assassination.  Bonds adventures take him to NYC, New Orleans, and the Caribbean.

11-11-2014 JAWS (1975) (PG). The idyllic peace of a beach community is destroyed by the menace of huge and ravenous Great White Shark.  The local Police Chief (Roy Scheider), a grizzled Ex-Navy man (Robert Shaw), and a Marine Biologist (Richard Dreyfuss) join forces in attempting to catch the shark.

11-25-2014 The Cotton Club (1984) (R).  New York City in the 1930’s, the lives of the Jazz musicians and dancers who perform, and the ruthless gangsters and jet-set who wine and dine at this famous Harlem Night Club cross paths.  Starring Gregory Hines and Richard Gere.

12-9-2014 Coffy (1973) (R). A nurse becomes a one woman wrecking crew when she seeks revenge on the drug-pushers who hooked her little sister on heroin.  Starring Pam Grier.

12-23-2014 A Christmas Story (1983) (PG).  It’s the Christmas season in 1940’s Indiana.  Young Ralphie wants a Red Rider B.B. gun for Christmas, but every adult he talks to including a department store Santa tells him: “you’ll shoot your eye out, kid!”  Will Ralphie’s Christmas wishes come true?

524 Main Street New York, N.Y. 10044
(212) 308-6243
These events are free to the public.
You can find more free events at the Roosevelt Island Public Library here.


Frank Farance said...

NotMyKid: Photo timestamps show 10 min 54 sec response time, which is why I captured the officer's boot in the last photo (to show when the officer arrived).

Ditto for long delay when one night I reported some woman wailing near Al Lewis basketball courts, woman's wailing could be heard by PSD over my phone, had to call PSD back because of long delay in response, took about 15 minutes for them to arrive.

If the report is "kids doing X to Y at Z", then a casual stroll is an ineffective approach towards arrival of law enforcement.

If it's a morale issue, then your position is PSD has low morale and they are delaying response times because of it? I've asked officers about your complaints in the past and you're out of touch with the present force. Overall, my sense is that officers seem to be happier than the Guerra days ... they've told me so.

Maybe you and I can probably agree on something: you don't want to be on the present PSD force, and the community is happy officers like you are not on the PSD force, right?

RIresident said...

This is HORRIBLE - we would like follow ups to this story please. As a community we should put a lot of pressure to get some answers. If you have ideas of who we should be calling/reaching out to to keep the pressure on this rolling please let us know.

CheshireKitty said...

Frank: What photos are you referring to? There's one photo at the top of the comments thread - but where are the other photos? Do these photos relate to the incident you referenced about the woman who was wailing at Capobianco Field?

Even if it did take the officers 10 minutes to arrive at the field is it fair to say that "For example, something illegal happens at Blackwell, the person immediately calls PSD, which means about a 10-15 minute wait for PSD to arrive..." - i.e. extrapolate to all incidents that may be reported, that PSD will always take 10-15 minutes to arrive, because PSD took 10 minutes 54 seconds to arrive at the location where the woman was wailing?

Presumably, PSD prioritizes responding to calls according to the risk/danger level of the incident. If the incident is heavy, they will prioritize that ahead of a non-emergency type of incident such as a routine noise complaint etc.

If I called PSD to report someone was getting mugged at the pier - I doubt if PSD would take 10-15 minutes to respond, although I wouldn't be surprised if it took them 10 minutes to arrive at a building courtyard to deal with a noise complaint for example.

I've noticed a higher visibility of PSD vehicles & NYPD vehicles throughout the island and all over the Blackwell Park area since the assault on the Sikh physician. The PSD now seems to be everywhere which is a good thing.

Even so, I would like PSD to hold a Town Hall to reassure the populace that police resources are being utilized in as optimal a fashion as possible, and that the PSO(s) watching the video streams are in touch with the PSOs in the field to direct them to areas that may require immediate attention.

Maybe all the parks should receive cameras - since they are somewhat isolated - along with signs "This area is under video surveillance by law enforcement." Cameras and prominently posted signs might deter assaults; if not, then at least we'd have some footage of incidents which could help in identifying the perpetrator(s).

swetepi said...

Those kids are terrorists.

NotMyKid said...

So you rather just say "stop it" for the 100th time with no lesson learned for their bad actions?

Is that what you are implying? Sure sounds like it.

Sounds like you are not allowing the perps to be accountable for their actions.

Amongst their little peaceful(not) get togethers, they are not only talking about how pleasant the weather has been all week, they are exchanging guns, drugs and money.

Get a grip on reality.

NotMyKid said...

Well there ya have it!

You guys kill PSD moral and handcuff them from doing their jobs.

Whatdoyaknow! A PSD cover up!!!

Let's see what happens with a real perp situation!

Oh that's right! CALL 911 PSD! The rioc clueless president and the chief do not wish police action to be taken by a law enforcement agency!

OldRossie said...

Ironic, and true.

RIresident said...

"The attackers consisted of approximately 10 teenagers. Of these, one
was a white male on a small bicycle who initiated the hate slurs; the
rest were black; and three were female."
A big clue in this statement is the teenage boy on the small bike - i have definitely seen this kid on the island mucking about with it. If you spot this kid again definitely call the police - i know i will

"Us and Them" said...

This is incredibly awful. It is sad to see these teenagers living in such diverse community and yet being so intolerant, ignorant and uneducated.

CheshireKitty said...

I think all of us are in agreement that voicing slurs and violently attacking a member of our community is unacceptable and that those who committed this crime must be caught and brought to justice.

There needs to be an educational program fostering brotherhood, here and throughout the City.

If PSD does not have the resources to provide security on RI, then additional officers from the NYPD should be requested.

Because of the isolated location of our community, there is far less foot or automobile traffic on our streets than in other areas, even other residential areas distant from Manhattan. It sometimes seems as if we are trapped on a deserted island. Our one street has little activity, because many people rush directly home after work. The less activity, the less safety.

PSD has to take this into account: We are not like other communities in NYC. We are almost like a buffet of crime opportunities for criminals, who know they can get away with either mugging residents, or roughing them up, or hatefully attacking them in a hate crime, because the area is so deserted.
Where there are people and cars lacking on the street, that's where virtual observers must be installed: Cameras. Cameras installed at Motorgate provide security at that isolated location. There are many other isolated locations on RI - cameras should also be installed at these locations. Cameras are a "replacement" for the lack of foot and car traffic on the island and they are needed immediately at the parks such as at Blackwell Park.

NotMyKid said...



Teenagers and young adults is more like it.

NotMyKid said...

So... Let PSD do their jobs!

Give them training and equipment they need to do said job.