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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Wonderful Roosevelt Island F Train Subway Station Story - A Visiting Mom, New RI Resident From China & Intriguing Accents Meet

Cindy Harrington Napier is visiting her daughter Carman who lives on Roosevelt Island. Ms. Napier shares her experience yesterday meeting another young Roosevelt Island resident while waiting for the F Train at the Roosevelt Island subway station platform.

Ms. Napier writes:
Waiting for the F train this morning at 7:10a.m., I was alone and a young woman approached me. She extended her hand and introduced herself. Her accent was heavy and I couldn't understand her name.

I asked if she had lived on the Island very long. She said yes, then no, telling me she had been here two weeks and was attending NYU. She then told me about growing up in China, her parents (who speak no English) and living alone for the first time.

After the longest pause since our meeting, she says,"I want to be like you and speak with no accent so people will think I'm American. How long do you think that will take?" I laughed and said," You just can't hear my accent. I don't know that you want to get rid of it entirely."

She offered,"Someone said accents are sexy." I looked at this fresh, young naive face. My reply,"Yes they can be sexy. But they are intriguing. You want men or women to want to know your story, make them ponder over where you grew up, what makes you unique. "

We boarded the train and as I got off I wished her luck. She grinned, "I'll make them want to know my story." I replied,"They will."

Kind of intense for an early morning conversation, but a reminder of the yearnings of youth. Oh yes, she going to try and see Carman in "Next to Normal",  took down theater and dates. I am ever the Mom Manager.

Wish I could just travel and collect stories.
 Ms Napier's daughter Carman Napier

Image From Gallery Players

is appearing in the Gallery Players production Next To Normal.

Image From Gallery Players

You never know where you will find a good story - on stage, movies, tv, reading or waiting for the Roosevelt Island F Train.