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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cornell NYC Tech Demolition Of Roosevelt Island Goldwater Hospital Latest Update - Above Grade Building C Demolition Completed, Hand Demolition Part Of Building F Underway, Interior Demolition Of All Buildings Complete & Rubble Removal Air Quality Response

Image Of Cornell NYC Tech Demolition Of Goldwater Hospital Yesterday

Here's the most recent Cornell NYC Tech Construction Update

Image Of Cornell NYC Tech Demolition Of Goldwater Hospital Yesterday

describing the demolition

Image Of Cornell NYC Tech Demolition Of Goldwater Hospital Yesterday

of Goldwater Hospital.

According to the Cornell NYC Tech Roosevelt Island construction update:
September 26 - October 10 Look Ahead

Structural demolition of Building C is ongoing. The above-grade portion of the building is fully demolished, and work to remove the basement and foundation walls will start shortly. The sorting of the rubble will continue.

Hand demolition of the northern portion of Building F is underway. This demolition method is being used due to the close proximity to the north loop road. Once the northern portion of the building is complete, mechanical means will be employed for the other sides of the building.

Interior demolition is now complete in Building E, marking the end of interior demolition across all buildings on the Cornell site. Interior abatement work is ongoing and focused on the first floor and basement levels.

Test pits have been completed successfully along the north loop road and the southern portion of the west roadway. Underground conditions were verified and steel plates have been used to secure the openings.

The barging operation has been impacted by the limits imposed on marine travel due to United Nations meetings. Once normal operations resume, there will be an increase in barge activity as we work to remove the backlog of containers from the site.
Also, the most recent air quality monitoring data from Cornell NYC Tech at the Goldwater Hospital site.
Image From Cornell Tech

Air Quality Action Levels
Background corrected particulate concentration data from the site is compared to particulate action levels. This correction is calculated by subtracting the upwind concentration from the downwind concentration and provides the concentration of particulates being generated by site activities. The specific action levels and their response are as follows:
  • Between 0.100 mg/m3 and 0.150 mg/m3 – Particulate suppression techniques instituted.
  • Greater than 0.150 mg/m3 – Stop work and reevaluate activities. 
 Electrical Issues
Due to an event in Manhattan involving an electrical feeder (not associated with the Cornell Tech project), the on-site construction trailers did not have electricity from September 19th through September 22nd, making it impossible to charge the batteries for the monitors overnight. Power was restored Monday evening, allowing the equipment to charge and air monitoring to resume on Tuesday, September 23rd.

September 25, 2014

Sorting of the rubble took place in close proximity to the downwind meter resulting in particulate concentration in excess of 0.1. Additional water was used as a particulate suppressant and readings soon returned to normal levels.
More details on Cornell NYC Tech demolition procedures of Roosevelt Island's Goldwater Hospital at this August 25 post.