Wednesday, November 5, 2014

2014 Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Common Council Election Results

 Image Of November 4 RIRA Election Voting At PS/IS 217

Here are the results of the 2014 Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) election.

There were a total of 998 ballots cast yesterday and 7 absentee ballots for a total of 1005 votes cast.

Jeff Escobar was elected RIRA President with 908 votes cast. He was unopposed.

Sherie Helstien was elected Vice President with a total of 545 votes.

The vote count for the other Vice President Candidates is:
  • Helen Chirivas received 199 votes,
  • Sharon Pope received 181 votes and 
  • M. Pathak received 86 votes.
The Island House winners are:
  • Adib Mansour - 137 votes
  • John Dougherty -118 votes
  • Rossana Ceruzzi - 114 Votes
Island House Alternate Delegates are:
  • Frank Farance - 72 votes
  • Andrew Giacalone - 70 votes
  • Mihaela Preradovice - 42  votes
  • Helen Chirivas - 26  votes and
  • Russell Fields - 23 votes
The Westview winners are:
  • Erin Feeley-Nahem -82 votes
  • Sherie Helstien - 71 votes
  • Julie Palermo - 52 votes
Westivew Alternate Delegates are
  • Susan Marcus - 42 votes (Ms. Marcus becomes the 3rd Westview Delegate with Ms Helstien becoming Vice President)
  • David Lawson - 33 votes
  • MK Pathak -26  votes
The Rivercross winners are:
  • Ellen Polivy - 160 votes
  • Ashton Barfield - 156 votes
  • Anne Kanninen - 86 votes
Rivercross Alternate Delegates are:
  • Ethel Romm - 78 votes
  • Sharon Pope - 67 votes 
The Roosevelt Landings winners are:
  • Joyce Short - 75 votes
  • Cynthia Ahn - 67 votes
  • Lynda Maynard- Hall - 58 votes
  • Shirley Coley - 52  votes
  • Maria Newkirk - 44 votes
546 Roosevelt Landings winner is:
  • Susana del Campo-Perea - 13 votes
Manhattan Park 10 - 40 River Road winners are:
  • Lynn Shinozaki - 93 votes
  • Stevie White - 77 votes
  • Ilonka Salisbury - 74 votes
  • Todd Caplan (1 write in vote)
Manhattan Park 2 River Road:
  • No Candidate
Manhattan Park 4 River Road winner is:
  • Jim Bates - 10 votes   
Octagon winners are:
  • Anthony Longo - 29 Votes
  • Isaac Humphrie - 28 Votes
  • Andrea Jones - 27 Votes
Southtown winners are:
  • Eva Bosbach - 83 Votes
  • Aaron Hamburger - 80 Votes
  • Dave Evans - 73 Votes
  • Susan Pirard - 70 Votes
  • Melissa Wade - 69 Votes
  • Mickey Rindler - 67 Votes
  • Janet Falk - 66 Votes
  • Total Counted votes - 1005
  • Island House - 218
  • Manhattan Park - 126
  • Manhattan Park 2RR - 7
  • Manhattan Park 4RR - 12
  • Octagon - 36
  • Rivercross - 223
  • Roosevelt Landing - 119
  • Roosevelt Landing #546 - 15
  • Southtown - 122
  • Westview - 127
The new RIRA Common Council Members will be seated at the November RIRA meeting 8 PM tonight at the Good Shepherd Community Center (543 Main Street).

UPDATE 11/5 - The agenda for tonight's Common Council meeting is here.

How did the 2014 RIRA election vote count of 1005 compare to previous years?

In 2012 the RIRA vote count was 1834.

In 2010 the RIRA vote count was 1470.

In 2008 the RIRA vote count was 1457.


OldRossie said...

Wait, are we saying Chirivas won? Another hit to RIRA... She'll be happy - whenever she wakes up.. she's usually sleeping off a long night of blogging right now...

Jeff P said...

Congratulations to the winners! The voters have spoken, and now the future of RIRA looks much more promising!!

YetAnotherRIer said...

No, Helstien won with 545 votes.

OldRossie said...

Oh Good! sorry, viewed the results quickly on my phone... Call me stupid today.

CheshireKitty said...

No - call you stupid everyday.

And I agree thank God Chirivas lost! It's a pleasure to not be on that totally corrupt organization! Free at last, as the saying goes!

CheshireKitty said...

Please do not insult those who may have a nocturnal schedule, such as kitties, or owls. What you call "sleeping off" any activity because it's nocturnal, we throw right back at you: There you are, at your job, making hay while the sun shines, right? Then you have to sleep off your daily Sisyphean efforts to make a living, overnight - you are tethered to work, whereas I, like all my feline brethren, enjoy life, only "working" minimally. It's quite fun to be a Kitty, and occasionally comment to keep you and others in line!

CheshireKitty said...

Heyyy Jeff baby!! You the man now!! I'm sure you and the clique are thrilled and will continue to be thrilled for a long time to come!! You have lost your nemesis or nemesi!! You have finally vanquished the persistent critic of conflict of interests! So now the conflicts will really roll on unencumbered... RIRA will become the Bobsey Twin of RIOC!!

Lynne's efforts paid off finally, right? She was a busy lobbyist is what we heard - phoning everyone in IH to ask them to vote for anyone but the voice of conscience, the rectitude dude, and the magus of money! Nice work, Lynne!

Jeff: Maybe you should move back to RI and be welcomed back with open arms to the CC! Maybe you can finally finish the work on the web site - or go back to the old web site - or whatever the CC is currently doing in the aftermath of your quitting last December..!

OldRossie said...

Oh boy! Someone's a little sour!!! Don't cry Helen. Look at the bright side - more time to rant.

CheshireKitty said...

I'm not sour! I'm overjoyed!

Do you really think I wanted to be associated with a corrupt organization that couldn't even run an honest election?

Everyone knows what goes on in RIRA: That's why they had a shortfall of 12 nominees this year as well as low voter turnout.

I put in my time - I put up with them and their intimidation and organized corruption long enough.

You can call what I say "ranting" - I mean, I can call what you say "idiocy" - so what? That's infantile name-calling - ultimately, pointless.

Because you are a heartless yuppie, I call everything you say nonsense - do you want me to say that? It's pointless for either of us to make these blanket generalizations, and simply slinging names makes for poor arguments.

What you can't stand is that I'm right: The trend since the inception of the country has been for more equality and humanism, less racism and finally the establishment of the social safety net. The conservatives can't stand to hear this since many of these trends stem from socialism, which is anathema to them since they are so heartless.

Nevertheless, millions of us will continue to call out the racists, the small-minded heartless people, the heartless conservatives, the greedy developers, the anti-gays, the anti-feminists, and so forth. Silence would equal assent, and thus millions of vocal liberal voices including my own will never shut up!

YetAnotherRIer said...

So, you nominated yourself as candidate for VP but then you didn't get the votes and now you are saying that you don't really want to be associated with the RIRA. Do you ever make any sense?