Thursday, November 6, 2014

Roosevelt Island Parents' Network RI MoM Walking And Exercise Group Meeting 11 AM Friday At Tram Kiosk

The weather is starting to get a bit chilly but that's not stopping the Roosevelt Island Parents´ Networks initiative RI MoM (Roosevelt Island Moms on the Move)

 Image of Roosevelt Island Moms Walking and Exercise Group

 walk and exercising group meeting again this Friday 11AM at the Tram kiosk.

Roosevelt Island Parents' Network Coordinator Eva Bosbach reports:
Our next free Roosevelt Island Moms on the Move (RI MoM) walk and exercise will take place this Friday, November 7, starting at 11 AM at the Tram kiosk.

Pregnant moms and moms with children of all ages are welcome.

Usually we walk all the way to the south of the island on the Manhattan side and back. After that, we continue with some exercise, following our fitness coach and island mom of two Paulina :-). During the summer we were exercising on the grassy area above the Meditation steps, in front of Dr. Grimm's office. This Friday, unless it will be very warm, we will go to the 455 playroom or rooftop community room for the exercise part. Last time this indoor option worked out well as the kids were occupied and content, babies in strollers or on blankets. Feel free to contact me if you are joining later to find out where we are at.

See you on Friday!


KTG said...

do you think I Keith Guerra? I am not my , I think my discus profile should be linked to google+ account so you can verify that. Also said several times that I an executive with software company or as you called it I punch a clock.
So again another off the mark rant.

I do love your delusions of grandeur in your successes in life. BTW nice job garnering what I think was 10% of the available vote the other night. quite the populist.champion.

OldRossie said...

Wow. When I said you now have more time to rant, I didn't think that was how you'd actually spend it...

Mark Lyon said...

Let's be clear on what I said. Neither race, class, religion, age dominant handedness, hairstyles or any other of your other pet issues were involved.

In responding to another one of your attacks on cyclists, I said (to another poster trying to get you wound up):

"Please don't get Ms. Rabinowitz started again.

She doesn't like bikes and gets giddy at the idea of people using them being physically harmed for engaging in perfectly appropriate road uses.

We would all be safer if NYPD enforced traffic laws for vehicles with motors as diligently as they enforce them against those who pedal."

Readers with even the slightest bit of intelligence will understand that I was likening you, Helen Chirivas, acting in your feline alter-ego, to the WSJ Editorial Board Member who (at that time) made remarks about the NYC being "begrimed" by CitiBike. I then further mentioned your earlier-stated joy at the misfortune of others.

I wish I could say that you're a fool, but it's worse than that -- you reveal what terrible thoughts and feelings you try and keep bottled up every time you trot out claims of discrimination or hate where none exists. They must appear to exist to you around every corner because, in the terrible little world you inhabit, such thoughts are second nature to at least one of your personalities.

Please seek professional help.

KTG said...

How much does it such for RIRA members, now she will show up at public meeting with no purpose. She is just there to ramble and axe grind because no one want listen to her and she got voted out.

CheshireKitty said...

Come on, Keith T. Guerra = KTG. We figured out who those initials stand for long ago.

An executive for a software company? Really? You certainly don't sound like one.. either you're driving when you post, or you aren't thinking too clearly; either way, your story is not too believable. If you're a software executive, tell us a little about the software: Do you just sell/market it, or do you develop it? Who are the end users? Do you even know anything about computer code? If so, prove it.

And if you are a software executive, you certainly seem to have plenty of time to post - not exactly the trademark of a busy executive, LOL.

Let's face it KTG: You are trying to score points at my expense, just as you are in your current post, because you know we were effective last year, at your expense. It's a tit for tat game, and anytime you think you see a chink in my armor, you'll attack. And every time you attack, I'll counter-attack; the difference is, my counter-attacks make you look bad, and your attacks - incoherent and namby pamby as they are - make you look like a fool.

No - comments about actual wins are certainly not delusions of grandeur: Guerra did quit under fire. We put in time relentlessly attacking Keith's condoning brutality last year, and possibly in our small way, our attacks led to his quitting. That's not a delusion because it's the truth. Guerra did quit, and we kept up the attack for months. Maybe our words did make a difference in having "encouraged" the powers that be to eject Guerra. Certainly, the endless comments pointing out the problems with over-enforcement and so forth, didn't hurt our cause, which did score an incredible victory when Guerra finally left.

A number of people associated with RiOC quit by Feb 2014, remember? It wasn't because we were keeping quiet about their shortcomings. There was a reason they all quit: they couldn't take the heat, so they got out of the kitchen.

Maybe nice job of the Election Committee, KTG: 25% of those voting did not cast three votes on their ballot, which is "unusual" to say the least! It's quite possible the explanation for this strange aberration is that the scanner was programmed to selectively not pick up certain votes, to ensure that some in this way, were genteelly ejected.

There is no way to prove voter fraud however as the Constitution conveniently mandates destruction of the ballots the day after the election.

As for the other race I ran in - I didn't do that poorly considering there was *no* Statement and hardly any advertising (just 2 signs posted, no leaf-letting).

Those that voted for me, therefore, must have been voting for me based on my "controversial" words, such as my opposition to the faction - since only my "loud-mouthed" opposition and the curses of the WIRE against me was all they did know about me; In voting for me, they must have agreed with all I said, which drew so much criticism from certain quarters...

No, I never held myself up as a populist icon or champion. That's not my style, although I am for the ordinary person.

I would say I challenge the elites, and try to fight for the underdog. As far as my record, it speaks for itself. There are those who would very much want to see us suppressed, including those who were in charge of the election. Can you explain why 25% of voters would not want to exercise their right to vote for three nominees? Once you look at that inexplicable "glitch" the entire election is thrown into question.

You can believe what you wish, but I would suggest to the reader it may be prudent to take the vote count with a large grain of salt - considering who was in charge of the election up until 10/25.

CheshireKitty said...

So you can't compete and revert to calling me names; your weakness is obvious. Meanwhile, Rossie the yuppie seems to have plenty of time to waste on blog comments - what's good for the goose is good for the gander Rossie. If I'm wasting my time commenting, aren't you doing the same thing in commenting.

Come on, admit it: You can't stop replying back because you enjoy reading my comments on some level. If you didn't enjoy reading them, you'd just ignore them, and as I then wouldn't get the little email announcements that someone replied to me, I wouldn't reply to you. The fact is, you enjoy reading my so-called "rants" and enjoy wasting your time keeping up the chatter - otherwise you wouldn't do it. If it's so onerous, then stop replying, stop replying as of this comment, and thus there will be no more "rants" as you put it!

CheshireKitty said...

LOL! The words of a loser! You would make anything any sort of remark to get back at us. Mark: It's way to late to reverse what happened last year - the massive collapse that resulted in about 10+ departures, vs. us holding on until our ever-so-correct departure.

Who quit Mark, and who didn't quit? Why couldn't they stay? If all they did was right, then why didn't they tough it out?

Come on Mark, you know you and your friends on the Communications Committee last year were *totally* and ignominiously defeated. Your arguments were no good, so your effort folded. Pretty much every single one of the members of the Communications Committee/ "clique" quit, didn't they? People don't quit for no good reason. All these folks quit because they were beaten.

You have to find a way to retroactively "nullify" your defeat by still attacking us, practically a year after the faction crashed and burned. Isn't that a bit much?

Why don't you instead boast about them regaining control since then, and the "great job" they did on the election?

Mark: I can tell you to seek help, or anyone off the street - cyclist or not - can tell Ms. Rabinowitz to see a psychiatrist. These words, if intended to insult or demean, are both meaningless and demonstrate weakness since they reveal a reversion to childish name-calling as opposed to arguing actual issues.

Maybe you think Barack Obama should see a shrink. Who cares what you think, Mark?

If all you can say about a person's ideas is that "Oh, that person is a wack job and they should see a shrink" that doesn't say much about you as a supposedly professional arguer.

KTG said...

First off voter fraud in a rira election, come on please stop you are delusional. You lost by a mile so you claim is ridiculous you are saying greater than 60% of ballots were tampered with. Admit you personal style and reputation is your handicap

On your main point, I am not Keith Guerra, so the "we" you refer to is way off the mark.

As for my success as a software exec I can easily say I am more successful than you. Generally I can read blog in cab between meetings and post then. It takes me a minute maybe two to type a response, I don't need half page rants.

Since you asked and I love talking about my job I run Global Product Management for a financial services oriented software company. My team defines market opportunity, strategy, and requirements for the platform. Before that I ran our business solutions team, which is more client facing and sales oriented.

We offer financial reporting for hedge funds, admins and prime brokers/mini primes. Most SaaS/Hosted offering but we have some client who install. Its a web based platform with a community of about 400,000 users. Currently working on a requirements document around kDB which is leading in-memory technology we selected this year.

That's why I am up late sometimes its for calls with Asia/Pac. I am guessing loneliness and depression keep you up.

Frank Farance said...

CheshireKitty: Guerra's initials are W. Keith Guerra. Looking at KTG's posts, it's not Guerra's handwriting: I doubt Guerra could write "SaaS" or "in-memory". KTG: sounds like you're doing good technical work.

YetAnotherRIer said...

At least Mark knows how to argue and formulate an argument. Something that cannot be said about you at all.

YetAnotherRIer said...

"... because you fear what we say ..."

Only in your small world inhabited by one cat.

Frank Farance said...

CK: I did not see "voter fraud" in the RIRA election. I watched Steve White count ballots for several buildings, he did it consistently. There were several "fix-ups", due to voters filling out the form incorrectly, he appeared to do them consistently.

My concerns about the RIRA elections were fivefold:

(1) Sherie should not be a VP Candidate because she served on the Election Committee,

(2) the Election Committee itself operated inappropriately with closedness and opacity,

(3) after the resignation of Ms. Helstien, the Election Committee Chair was not formally appointed (which I made good efforts to complete this procedural task),

(4) the Nominations Committee met closed, including not having its members notified of meetings,

(5) the absentee ballots were still pointed at Ms. Helstien, even after her resignation, and the Nominations Committee chair is not the right person for receiving absentee ballots.

There were three areas of poor judgement. The first was Ms. Helstien deciding very last minute to resign, to do this without notification to the Common Council, with the Common Council in the dark about the elections/etc., and to leave a mess for us last minute during an important part of governance for a NYS not-for-profit corporation (election of directors) ... in my opinion, Ms. Helstien was irresponsible and reckless in those actions.

The second was RIRA approving $4000 (about half of its treasury) on a scanning machine. As Ms. Helstien said: What Else Would We Spent It On? The machine is used approximately once every two years to save a couple hours of volunteer work. So if RIRA were to have a fundraiser that raised $4000 in 2-3 hours with a handful of volunteers, we would say Wow, What A Great Fundraiser! Thus, if RIRA blows $4000 to save 2-3 hours of volunteer work, then that's a really poor use of money.

The third was the lack of signage, advertising, and awareness. I had printed large banners for RIRA in prior elections (I printed them because I was volunteering for RIRA, not because I agreed with what was said on the banners). This year, there was virtually nothing. I agree with CK that there were many accomplishments during the RIRA term, but little was advertised ... possibly because the successes, say, of RIRA getting rid of Guerra at PSD points to ineptness and inaction of the RIOC Board ... and with the spouses, ties, cross-interests etc. maybe those in the promotion part don't want to point out those successes.

So Rivercross and Island House were lucky enough to have an abundance of candidates and voters, but the rest of the Island did really poorly. If you subtract out those votes (which represent approximately 770 apartments and 2000 people), that leaves you with 564 votes for approximately 4700 apartments and 10,000-12,000 people ... that's a pretty low turnout, and a low turnout by Roosevelt Island standards.

CheshireKitty said...

There was election fraud - and possible voter fraud as well. I was initially given the wrong instructions as to filling out the ballot. It'd be interesting to know how many others got the wrong instructions - maybe that was the "fix" - which resulted in some not having their ballots scanned in.

CheshireKitty said...

Really? KTG referred to in-memory or SaaS? He could have picked that up from a buddy in the industry. Those two references along don't prove s**t. Good technical work? LOL.

Since KTG was long a defender of the brutality at PSD under Guerra, it was suggested last year, if I'm not mistaken, by you, that he might be Guerra. The similarity of their initials was pointed out - not by me, likely by you.

No, I'm not familiar with Guerra's writing style - but you are? You have seen or received letters of Guerra's and that's why you know Guerra's writing style differs from that of KTG's?

KTG might be deliberately making his prose not match letters you may have of Guerra's - like someone using their left hand to write a message if they are right-handed so as to disguise their handwriting.

CheshireKitty said...

Sounds very impressive KTG -
truly the wolf-like avarice of capitalism is in every word of your job description. I'm sure we're all soo impressed - greed explains why you are consistently against the down-trodden, and so forth.

You've picked the perfect avatar image: The blood-thirsty, murderous, greedy wolf - which is of course mostly non-existent in areas under cultivation i.e. the non-wild areas, given that it's a threat to both humans and livestock. Interestingly, in England, the White Wolves is the name of a murderous extreme right-wing organization that engaged in terrorist attacks.