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Monday, January 19, 2015

Making Movie Magic - See How 1920s Astoria Came to Life in Filming The Great Gatsby in 2013 Tuesday January 20 At The Roosevelt Island Public Library

The Roosevelt Island Historical Society (RIHS) invites you to see:
Making Movie Magic: How 1920s Astoria Came to Life in Filming The Great Gatsby in 2013
tomorrow starting 6:30 PM at the Roosevelt Island Public Library.

According to RIHS:
One of the challenges facing Baz Luhrmann in his 2013 cinematic remake of the classic The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald was how to recreate 1920s Queens. Robert Singleton, Executive Director of the Greater Astoria Historical Society, will describe the behind-the-scenes research and movie magic in a lecture sponsored by the Roosevelt Island Historical Society, on Tuesday, January 20 at 6:30 PM, at the New York Public Library Branch on Roosevelt Island.

Mr. Singleton will discuss the pivotal role that the Greater Astoria Historical Society played in evoking the bygone era. The Society was a credited historical advisor on the film, which won the 2014 Academy Award for Best Production Design.

The event is FREE and open to the public. It is the first in a series of spring lectures sponsored by the Roosevelt Island Historical Society.

DIRECTIONS: Take the Tram at 59th Street and Second Avenue or the F train to Roosevelt Island. Take the free red bus or walk eight minutes north to the library at 524 Main Street.

The Roosevelt Island Historical Society promotes awareness of our Island’s unique story and pursues preservation of its landmarks and artifacts. For more information, please visit
Here's how some of The Great Gatsby film effects were made.

Learn more about The Great Gatsby movie magic tomorrow 6:30 PM at the Roosevelt Island Public Library.


CheshireKitty said...

That's so horrible that the downed patients had to wait 4 hours in the freezing cold and rain for an ambulance to transfer them to an ER. Let's hope they didn't come down with a respiratory infection as a result of that ordeal. At least they threw a tarp over them..

Obviously the ambulance was delayed by the helix chain-reaction accidents which resulted after RIOC failed to apply salt/sand to the icy ramp. Thus, the 4-hour wait on the ramp is yet another aspect of these patients' harms that resulted from RIOC inefficiency (failure to apply salt/sand to both the tram and helix ramps when both were icy and unsafe).

Lee Watts said...

The inefficiency of RIOC is disguisting to watch I seen the cars on the ramp from my window and called the safety department. The situation could of been avoided. It was sheer stupidity on behalf of rioc as this could of been avoided. How many more "slip ups" will occur in order for rioc to finally get it together or what will it take. The victims do have rights as this is a clear case of slip and fall. I guarantee lawsuits will follow as it should.

CheshireKitty said...

Multi-vehicle accidents on ramps due to icing on the ramp surface, albeit they must be avoided everywhere, must especially be avoided on the helix ramp in our community - given that the helix ramp is the lifeline for the residents.

Imagine if a resident needed to be transferred on an emergency basis to a cardiac care unit? For sure they would have been a goner if the ambulance had been delayed 4 hours. What if a fire-truck or some piece of specialized FD equipment needed to use the ramp to access RI? The same thing - there would have been destruction if the equipment could not have gotten to the burning building, or to check out a gas leak for example.

For vehicular access - what are the alternate routes to RI? There's no car ferry - much less passenger ferry. Maybe the City should consider reconstructing the passenger/car elevator to the 59th St Bridge.

As things stand now, if the helix ramp is out of service, friends, then we are out of luck, because you can't put an ambulance or fire truck on the subway or the tram.

The top priority of RIOC should be to keep Island roadways safe and ice-free in case of freezing rain, sleet, snow, and so forth. It is a ***24/7 responsibility*** so we need an agency to be responsible for snow/ice removal that is "open for business" ***24/7.*** Is RIOC that agency?