Monday, February 2, 2015

Roosevelt Island Community Update From RIOC - Winter Weather Emergency, Safety Tips, Staying Informed & Corporate Transparency

Below is the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Community Update, formerly known as the Report from the RIOC President.
RIOC Community Update: 2/2/2015

Early last week, the entire city of New York experienced a state of weather emergency due to Winter Storm Juno. While the snowstorm was of shorter duration and severity than originally predicted, many essential city services were limited or unavailable for its duration. I would like to thank both the Roosevelt Island residents and our Emergency Response staff for their cooperation and swift response to the forecasted heavy snows. Quickly removing cars from all street parking spaces allows for preemptive and continuous salting and plowing of the roadways around the Island. In addition, our Public Safety, Grounds, Facilities, Bus, Tram, and Community Relations departments worked through the storm to coordinate our response, prepare the Island, provide services and keep the public informed. Thank you all for helping make us one of the best prepared neighborhoods in the city.

Winter Tips from Public Safety

The Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department offers the following suggestions to residents who are looking to stay safe during severe winter weather:
  • Preparedness – In the first hours of a storm, grocery and corner stores are often flooded with customers looking to stock up on necessities at the last minute. Don’t get caught in the rush – make sure you have a sufficient supply of necessary items well before the storm! Visit for preparedness tips, lists of items you should own, and a list of training events in your area.
  • Travel Safety – During cold or inclement weather, residents are urged to use caution while driving, walking, or otherwise traveling. Dress in layers, wear shoes with good traction, make sure the tires on your car are winter-ready, and fill your gas tank.
  • Parking – In preparations for heavy snowfall, RIOC issues “No Parking” regulations requiring drivers to remove their cars from Main Street and the East and West roadways. During this time, we will attempt to make free parking available in designated locations, including inside the Motorgate Garage and underneath the Helix Ramp near Capobianco Field. Keep an eye out for signs and electronic notifications advising when these regulations go into effect.
As a reminder: While our Grounds and Facilities departments work around the clock to remove snow and ice from roads and pathways in our community, some areas are prone to consistent icy conditions. If you see any areas that require extra attention this season, please contact the RIOC offices via email at, or call 212-832-4540.

How to Stay Informed

During the storm, RIOC issued electronic alerts about closures, citywide warnings and parking changes. Did you know that many city agencies, including the NYC Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and the NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), issue their own electronic advisories? If you have not already signed up, we strongly encourage all residents to take advantage of these valuable services. The more informed you are, the better you can prepare yourself and your family for any unexpected situation.
  • RIOC Advisories – Roosevelt Island-specific community and emergency alerts, including traffic, bridge, public transit, facility closures and more. Sign up at
  • Notify NYC – Official New York City-wide notification and emergency alert system, operated by OEM. Sign up at
  • MTA Alerts – Official NYC subway, bus and other transit alert system provided by the MTA. Sign up for customized, line-specific advisories at
Transparency and Accountability

As a New York State agency, RIOC is constantly looking for ways to improve transparency in its operations. Many documents, such as the Corporation's budget, PARIS reporting, Board meeting agendas, and other materials, are available to the public via our website. Requests for materials not posted on our website must be submitted by means of a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request online at

In addition, members of the public are invited to observe at organization's Board and Committee meetings. A meeting schedule is available on our website, and notifications are posted regularly at our offices and through the RIOC Advisories system. Before each Board meeting, a public comment period is available for those who wish to speak. Interested individuals may sign up to do so at