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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Very Cool Aerial View 10 Thousand Feet Above Roosevelt Island, Queens, Upper East Side & East River


CheshireKitty said...

People are always helping out parents with strollers go up and down stairways in mass transit. However, a fully grown person in a wheelchair - and some wheelchairs are very sophisticated ones - cannot possibly be carried up and and down stairs. Elevators must be provided for the disabled to provide access to mass transit. Elevators are gradually being installed system-wide in the subway - eventually, scores of elevators will be installed.

For RIOC to be unable to replace one elevator, although it has the money, and has long had the money, is unconscionable. It's a testament to RIOC's inefficiency. The subway seems to have no problem finding contractors to install and fix elevators, many of which only travel one or two levels. Why can't RIOC get the tram elevator either repaired or replaced?

YetAnotherRIer said...

Right. I was addressing the parent, though, who is throwing a fit about the elevator because of her having a stroller with her. I agree that the elevator needs to be restored asap for people who really, really, *really* depend on it.

Simina Cana Kroculick said...

Last July we were informed of the following two things:
- a new RFP would be out to get both elevators replaced. What is the status on that?? Seems like nothing has happened since then
- a new service agreement was made with a company called KONE whereby we were to expect reliable service. It is now almost two weeks without service. I hope this is not anyone's definition of reliable. Can there be more transparency into the issues? It is hard to imagine that neither elevator can be fixed right now.
We now have to take the subway into the city with our toddler during rush hour and have to wait sometimes 2-3 trains before we can get on the train because of how crowded it is. Taking the bus seems to be more difficult as it doesn't come by at the times RIOC has listed and takes even longer in the morning rush hour.
Can someone please address these two questions??

Simina Cana Kroculick said...

Honestly, I'm 8 months pregnant and with the icy conditions even if someone helps me I don't feel safe and comfortable doing it.