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Friday, March 27, 2015

Brooklyn Organic Coffee & Tea Food Truck Coming To Roosevelt Island On Weekends, Serving Tea, Coffee, Salads, Oatmeals, Smoothies & Juices - Maybe Gourmet Meat Pies From Dub Pies Too?

Food trucks are coming back to Roosevelt Island. Well, at least one for now. The Brooklyn Organic Coffee & Tea Truck will be setting up shop weekends on Roosevelt Island starting tomorrow, Saturday March 28.

Image Of Brooklyn Organic Coffee & Tea Truck Last Wednesday Checking Out Roosevelt Island

Their menu includes organic coffee, tea, salads, oatmeals, smoothies, freshly squeezed juices and flavored lemonades.

I spoke to the Brooklyn Organic Food Truck owners last Wednesday who said they will be testing out locations near the Tram and Subway station and plan to be at the Roosevelt Island Easter Egg Hunt event on Saturday by Manhattan Park.

As previously reported, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) is seeking Food Truck Operators to serve the East River Waterfront Pier area this summer.

 Outdoor Tables & Chairs At Waterfront Pier Last Summer

Brooklyn based Dub Pies

Image From Dub Pies

is interested in bringing their New Zealand/Australian gourmet meat pies to Roosevelt Island
Maybe this summer, Food Trucks on Roosevelt Island will be done right.