Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Comedian Buddy Hackett's Roosevelt Island Rivercross Co-Op Apartment For Sale Reports NY Post, Did You Know Him? Watch Hackett On Johnny Carson's Tonight Show

The Rivercross apartment of one of Roosevelt Island's more famous former residents, the late comedian Buddy Hackett, is for sale.

According to the NY Post today:
Roosevelt Island has never been this funny! Buddy Hackett’s one-bedroom, 1½-bathroom co-op at the Rivercross, 531 Main Street, is currently on the market for $690,000.

Buddy, one of Roosevelt Island’s most famous residents, was a beloved actor and comedian...
The Rivercross Co-op

was formerly a subsidized Mitchell Lama Affordable co-op before its privatization in 2013.

In 2007, As Good As News reported:
... I remember comedian Buddy Hackett strolling down Main Street talking a blue streak, a very blue streak....
Here's a 1989 appearance by Buddy Hackett on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show.

Buddy Hackett's son, Sandy Hackett is the current owner of the Rivercross apartment and performs My Buddy.

Buddy Hackett died in 2003.

Do you remember Buddy Hackett on Roosevelt Island?