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Monday, March 23, 2015

First Sign Of Roosevelt Island Spring - Subway Fruit Stand Vendor Returns Today After Winter Hiatus

A sure sign of spring is when the Roosevelt Island Subway Fruit Stand vendor returns from winter hiatus.

Good news - the Fruit Stand is back today next to the Duane Reade and F Subway Station.

Now, all we need is some warm weather.


roger said...

Like Helen stated -

The Island's organizations should simply look to ways in which they could raise funds in opposed to sending threatning memo's to RIOIC. Secondly Joyce's approach is simply dead WRONG! If Joyce read the ABO's policy guide on the discontinuance of PPF she would be better informed on their stance. In Joyce's resoloution she frames the residents argument as the funds allocated should be looked at as a debt oppoed to a grant.

Well the policy states -
"The ABO directs all state and local authorities that grant or loan their monies without specific legislative authority to immediately end such practices".

The state would NEVER sign on to a newly submitted contract by RIRA under such egregious provisions.

CheshireKitty said...

It is entirely possible that "this entire issue came about when there was fraudulent proposals coming out from RIRA." This is a serious credibility problem that will not make it easier for RIRA to approach private groups such as the developers and ask them to provide funding for the Island Organizations.

The upshot is best summed up in Roger's words: "The Island's organizations should simply look to ways in which they could raise funds" or apply for funding: If the developers do not come though, there is a world of funding beyond RI, but no way to find out about it.

Maybe the Library or even the PPF Committee could put together a series of workshops for the Island's organizations - bring in experienced fund-raisers (such as from HANAC) to meet with reps from the Island's organizations to give them tips on applying for funds.