Thursday, April 30, 2015

Scenes From April 25 Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom Festival - Walking Tour, Japanese Koto Ensemble, Blues Band, & Taiko Drums, Samurai Swordmanship, Karate, Food Trucks & More

The Roosevelt Island Historical Association Cherry Blossom Walking Tour

and Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Cherry Blossom Festival took place last Saturday, April 25.
Here are some scenes.

Samurai swordsmanship

and Karate demonstrations.

Koto performance

Image of Koto Shamisen Ensemble From Janet Falk

with Masayo Ishigure and Koto Shamisen Ensemble.

Japanese Blues Band Kayo Yoshioka and Neo Blues Maki.

Japanese Soh Daiko Taiko Drummers.

Food trucks from Dub Pies and Teriyaki Balls.
The Roosevelt Island Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) assisting at the event.
The Cherry Blossom Festival was ably hosted by resident Jim Luce

and organized by RIRA"s Social Cultural and Educational Chair Lynn Strong- Shinozaki. Ms. Shinozaki tells us how the Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom Festival got started

and thanks everyone who participated in the Festival.
Good job and thank you Ms. Shinozaki.