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Monday, April 27, 2015

Scenes From Roosevelt Island T Ball Opening Day - Play Ball

Image From Buboblog

Buboblogger shares scenes from last Saturday's Opening Day

for Roosevelt Island T Ball.

Roosevelt Island's Public Safety Department Chief Jack McManus is pictured above as one of the coaches.

Play ball.


APS said...

Let's just hope they remember that this is a community. It's not called Cornell Island... yet. Would of served them well to put a woman into their video... more than half a second anyway.

♫n.i.a♀ said...

We can definitely do that. If as soon as this weekend I can help publicize to friends on the island and put out flyers. I have to go somewhere unfortunately this Saturday. What time would be a peak time? I think the management is responsible as well to evict these residents. What do you think?

mookie113 said...

It is now Cornell Campus. Remember how all of our local politicians campaigned on the "more colleges" ticket? No?