Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Free Summer Gardening Program With A Living Library And Roosevelt Island NY Public Library For Parents And Kids 4-14 Every Tuesday And Thursday Afternoon - There's A Place For You

Bonnie Sherk of A Living Library reports:

You are invited to participate in a FREE Summer Program with A Living Library and the Roosevelt Island New York Public Library branch!

A Living Library is working with the Roosevelt Island Branch of the NY Public Library and we invite all RI Parents and Children (ages 4-14) to a wonderful summer of Garden Learning & Community in the RI Living Library & Think Park Gardens behind 504 Main Street.

Our FREE program, for parents and children goes until September 3rd, every Tuesday and Thursday, 2-4 pm - and we still have a place for you !

It is loads of fun and learning and there is room for all who would like to participate.

Come Talk, Think, Feel & Do with us. Do enlivening, enlightening Summer Garden Science, Literacy, and Multi-Arts projects. Join the FUN !

Gardens are convivial places to spend quality, happy time with your children and neighbors. Parents and children learn as they play, make new friends, socialize easily in a supportive environment. RI's rich, cultural diversity and history lends itself perfectly to our integrated program of gardening with bio & cultural diversity.

We learn with each other about our rich international heritage in the science and art of gardening and garden culture, multicultural cuisine, nutrition and health, and we enjoy our many garden festivals with with diverse arts: dance, music, songs, poetry, literature, painting and more.

We learn that our garden community of plants and insects, earth and sun, rain and sky, and diverse human cultures, brings us all together in A Living Library of diversity and earth ecology.

We delight in nurturing curiosity and wonder. Our projects support inquiring minds, independent thinking, scientific curiosity, self-motivated research, creative self-expression and multicultural celebration.

We are confident to provide you a memorable, happy, enlightening summer with your children and friends.

Please Join Us.

For more information 

Or call: Nicole Nelson, Manager, RI Public Library: 212-308-6243

Premilla Dixit Nag, A.L.L. Garden/Ecology/Literacy/Multi-Arts/Nutrition/Health Instructor: 845-443-0386