Wednesday, July 15, 2015

NYPD Rescues Man Attempting Suicide Jumping Into East River From Roosevelt Island Lighthouse Park Ledge Last Night

A reader reports today:

... my friend just wrote me "i was out in that east river park in the upper east last night and then we see all these emergency vehicles fly up to the northern tip of roosevelt across the way and there's a ton of people right by the water with flashlights and everything. then two helicopters came through shining spotlights on the water around that area....
The Twitterverse shows what happened
A NYPD Spokesperson adds:
... just after midnight there was a 32 year old emotionally disturbed male who attempted suicide by jumping off the ledge by the Light House. He was rescued and pulled from the water and removed to Elmhurst General Hospital for evaluation with no life threatening injuries.
UPDATE 8 PM - Here's what the scene at Lighthouse Park looked like from Queens.

Will have more later including key role Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department had in rescuing the man.

UPDATE 7/20 - More here.