Wednesday, July 15, 2015

President Barack Obama Makes His Case For Iranian Nuclear Deal

NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman interviewed President Barack Obama on the Iranian nuclear agreement yesterday. According to the NY Times:

Only hours after the conclusion of an agreement with Iran to lift oil and financial sanctions in return for curbs on Iran’s nuclear capabilities, President Obama is a man who evinces no second thoughts whatsoever about the deal he struck. In a 45-minute interview in the Cabinet Room, the president kept stressing one argument: Don’t judge me on whether this deal transforms Iran, ends Iran’s aggressive behavior toward some of its Arab neighbors or leads to d├ętente between Shiites and Sunnis. Judge me on one thing: Does this deal prevent Iran from breaking out with a nuclear weapon for the next 10 years and is that a better outcome for America, Israel and our Arab allies than any other alternative on the table?...
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Here's the fascinating interview of President Obama by Mr. Friedman.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney expresses his objections to the agreement yesterday on Fox News Sean Hannity program.