Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Roosevelt Island Explorers Awaken Silent Concrete Mini Men Between Coler Hospital And Lighthouse Park - What Hidden Roosevelt Island Gem Will They Transform Next?

Roosevelt Island Explorers (RiEX) Leila Vujosevic reports:

Mini-Men REINVENTED at Roosevelt Island North

Roosevelt Island Explorers continue rediscovery of Roosevelt Island’s somewhat ignored spots, demonstrating endless possibilities for meaningful, creative, and fun engagement with our neighbors and the Island’s unique environment. We met on Sunday, July 26,  at the North tip to “awake” the silent concrete posts, which separate the hospital grounds from the park.

Following this bonding experience, we agreed this was more than just FUN – the little concrete mini-men sprang to life filling this Island spot with energy and excitement. A brief shower only added more drama.

Not really knowing what would become of our project, we witnessed the place transformation

before our eyes and kept on going, drawing inspiration from each other – children and adults – no boundaries…

We thoroughly enjoyed it and left assured that our Island “hides” multiple other spots to be discovered – what a beautiful place we live in!

We share with you few photos –please visit our FB page for more…

New event announcements to follow soon…

RiEx Team
More information on the Roosevelt Island Explorers at their Facebook Page and web site.