Saturday, July 25, 2015

Roosevelt Island Explorers Invite Families To Use Imagination And Transform Lighthouse Park Lifeless Concrete Mini - Men Sunday July 26

The Roosevelt Island Explorers (RiEx):

... is a group of experienced educators and professors exploring the possibilities for a new and different early childhood program on Roosevelt Island. This proposed program would:
  • Express our profound respect of children as competent, capable learners
  • Address our concerns about the harmful effects of arbitrary standards and prescribed curricula
  • Engage the full participation of families, caregivers, teachers and other interested adults
  • Embrace the unique environment and beauty of Roosevelt Island
  • Honor our love for the vibrant and diverse Roosevelt Island community
RiEx report:

Dear Families:

To continue exploration of our beautiful Island, we are taking you to the Northern tip:

Please join us for a creative and fun transformation of lifeless concrete “mini-men” into anything your imagination produces (if only for one day):

Date: Sunday, July 26, 2015

Time: 4pm – 7pm

Place: North of Coler-Goldwater Hospital’s Main Entrance—next to the River (please see the attached poster)

We will provide the materials, water and light snacks…

However, we encourage you to also bring your own – it will make our experience more meaningful, bonding, and fun…


RiEx Team
More on Roosevelt Island Explorers from their web site, Facebook page and previous posts.


Frank Farance said...

Meanwhile for other residents - Summertime Breakfast and Dinner Views for Homeless. Something to
contemplate: we are a society with abundant resources, yet suffer from
poor distribution.