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Saturday, July 11, 2015

What's The Staten Island Ferry Doing On East River Today Passing Roosevelt Island - It's Annual Boat Ride For God's Exceptional Children

The Roosevelt Island Twitterverse reports:

Roosevelt Island resident Island Gawker also spotted the Staten Island Ferry on the East River today and wonders if:

The Staten Island Ferry suffered a navigational malfunction today and went past Roosevelt Island.
No. there was no Staten Island ferry navigational problem. The Staten Island Ferry was on the East River hosting the annual boat ride for God's Exceptional Children
According to this 2014 Working Harbor Commmittee post:
... For the past 4 decades, The Marine and Aviation Club, Branch 119, has hosted a very special tour around the harbor for special needs people of all ages....

... The annual event transforms the ferry boat into a huge floating party space, with hundreds of balloons and thousands of hot-dogs, dancing clowns and costumed characters entertaining the guests while 3 DJ’s played music on the three separate decks....
The Twitterverse asks:
Yeah, I think riding the Roosevelt Island Tram and Staten Island Ferry in one day is bragworthy.