Monday, September 28, 2015

Fantastic Super Blood Moon Photos Taken Last Night From Roosevelt Island - Watch Moon Turn From Bright White To Blood Red

Roosevelt Island resident Frank Farance shares these photos of last night's (September 27) Super Blood Moon taken from the Roosevelt Island Firehouse turnaround. According to Mr. Farance:

"Blood Red Moon" Lunar Eclipse last night. 1/4000th second shutter speed at midnight? The redness of the moon does not become apparent until the bright white is gone,

Images From Frank Farance

so you'll see bright white, a dark band,

Images From Frank Farance

 and then red.

Images From Frank Farance

To the naked eye, the moon looks like a light bulb that you've just turned off: mostly dark, but with a faint orange glow around the rim. Of course, what our eyes see and what the camera sees is total different. The camera will tell you that there are 17 stops between brightest photo (1/4000th second) and darkest photo (30 seconds long exposure). These are just a couple photos, I stayed for the 3 hour event. It was nice to take life at a different pace, maybe at the pace astronomers did 2000 years ago. One thing I always love about the moon: it looks different on camera than what the eye perceives ... always a puzzle to conjure about human vision (and photography, too).  
The NY Times adds:
In a rare astronomical phenomenon Sunday night, people around the world witnessed a so-called supermoon, which occurs when the moon is closest to Earth in its orbit. The event coincided with a lunar eclipse, leaving the moon in Earth’s shadow. The combination hadn’t occurred since 1982 and won’t happen again until 2033....
The NY Times has photos of the Super Blood Moon from around the world.

NASA explains the Super Blood Moon.

NASA also announced today that evidence has been found of water on Mars.