Monday, September 14, 2015

RIRA Island Services Committee Reports On Roosevelt Island Tram Station Elevators, Rat Control, Sportspark And Boy Scouts

Below is Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Island Services Committee (ISC)

report to the RIRA September Common Council:


ISC continued to work on our active issues throughout the summer. Updates are below:

Tram Elevators – The old elevator has a number of breakdowns in June. In early July, this elevator was out-of-service due to the breakdown of a critical part. The part was specially fabricated in Canada, with delivery not expected until late August. That’s an unacceptable two month’s outage. The old elevator was back in service at August month end, but was plagued with frequent interruptions due to start-up problems, To make matters worse, the Red Lift also broke down on 4 or 5 times during the July-August period, with outages of 1-2 days each. As necessary, RIOC ran a Red Bus shuttle service from RI to Manhattan.

John Bost, RIOC’s new Director of Engineering, still estimates that the new elevators will be operating in the 3rd Quarter, 2016.

One bit of good news is that the elevator to the street at the “F” 63rd St. station is back in service after an over one year outage to install a new elevator. Originally this elevator was suppose to start-up in Feb., 2015.

Control of Rats – Southtown Commercial Trash Yard – ISC had little success working with the restaurants and Starbucks in bringing the condition of the yard up to Dept. of Sanitation standards. However, we then brought the problem directly to Related, the owner of the land where the trash yard is located and the landlord of the four food businesses. It took Related about 3 weeks to resolve the problem. At present, the trash yard meets standards on most days, with all bins closed, the grounds clean, and recycle cardboard neatly stacked. However, at least once or twice per week the bad days return. ISC will continue to monitor the condition of the trash yard until it’s clear that the problem is fully resolved. If this condition is achieved, we expect that the yard will be free of rats.

ISC will also meet with Wholesome Factory. Their trash bins were usually not closed and overstuffed with garbage.

Sportspark – ISC had a productive meeting in mid-June with Cy Opperman, RIOC’s Director of Operations, and Eddie Perez, Sportspark’s Manager, to review ISC’s Sportspark report and develop action plans. Many of the minor problems have been resolved by the Sportspark staff. However, most of the major problems will likely require projects. RIOC promised to get these projects on the RIOC engineering priority list. ISC will inspect Sportspark in late September for a follow-up review of the condition of the facilities and changes in programs.

Condition of Sidewalks & Paths – RIOC worked in the late spring and early summer to fix the broken sidewalks. Pending an inspection by ISC, it appears that the sidewalks and paths are back to an acceptable and safe condition.

Boy Scouts – ISC’s Boy Scout program has been placed on “hold”. In mid-August, ISC’s “lead person” (Frank Farance) unexpectedly and abruptly withdrew from the program. The “lead person” has prime responsibility for an issue. At the September ISC meeting, we will reorganize and decide whether and how to continue the Boy Scout program.

Aaron Hamburger, Chair - ISC
Mr. Hamburger provided this update to the Common Council.

Mr. Hamburger stated during his oral report that due to the bankruptcy of company preparing design and construction designs for the 2 new tram station elevators:
... nothing has been done on the project during the summer...
Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Charlene Indelicato talked about the problems with the Tram station elevators during the September 10 RIOC Board of Directors meeting.

Ms Indelicato said that the bankruptcy of company doing work on the Tram Station elevator designs delayed the project for about a month but she still anticipates the 2 new Tram Station elevators working by autumn of 2016.

Here's video of Ms. Indelicato's report on the Tram station elevators.